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Plastic Surgery Online Patient Reviews

You need more HAPPY patients giving you 5-star plastic surgery online patient reviews. Most practices have a few good ones but also have as many not-so-good ones.

For example, some of your high-maintenance patients may have criticized your staff and you unfairly so you need to drown them out with the patients who are happy with your work and with their experience with you.

But, oftentimes, your staff is hesitant to ask patients for reviews so what do you do?

First of all, you are right to focus on good patient online reviews since reviews have become EVERYTHING for a plastic surgery practice so be sure it’s one of many marketing strategies you’re using to promote your plastic surgery practice.

Here are recent stats about online reviews you want to be aware of:

#1 – 72% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Word-of-Mouth Referrals.

#2 – 90% of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced by Online Reviews

#3 – Doctors are the SECOND most reviewed search group with restaurants being the first. (BrightLocal)

Here is some more crazy reality for you. In today’s social media world, patient online reviews have become as significant as your skills as a surgeon. Yikes!

That means what OTHERS say about you is infinitely more important than what YOU are saying about you on your Website and in your advertising.

So, do NOT leave this to chance. They are the most important patient-attraction strategy to build trust and credibility between you and new cosmetic patients.

And the best part is you have a lot of control over how many reviews you get as well as the quality of those reviews.

Here are the steps to follow to get great plastic surgery online reviews quickly:

Patient selection and timing is crucial.

You need to catch your patient when they are gushing about you and their result.

Most likely, that is at their post-op appointment when they are looking good and feeling ECSTATIC about their result.

This is when YOU, the surgeon, ask them for a review in a comfortable way; i.e.,

“Susan, I’m so glad you’re happy with your result. Can you please do me

a favor? You know how important online reviews are for others who are

also looking for a good result. Would you mind writing a review? Karen

can give you a tool to make it fast and easy for you? I’d really appreciate it.”

Detailed Instructions

Now your staff meets with your cosmetic patient to go over the contents of the review tool kit. There are all sorts of online review sites; however, I would focus on google since they own the Internet 😉 plastic surgery online patient reviews

Find out if your patient has a Gmail account set up. If they don’t, offer to set up the account for them so they can then write the review at home on their own computer. Or, better yet, have them write the review right now, in your office, from their cell phone.

So, the plastic surgery patient online review kit contains:

-Introductory heartfelt letter

-Instructions for posting a review

-Starbuck gift card*

*While you never want to pay anyone for a review, you can certainly thank them for their time in a small way.

What is a Good Plastic Surgery Online Patient Review?

 One of the biggest reasons your happy patients don’t give you a review is that they are busy. You are asking them to stop their day and write something that will go out to the world.

Help them help you. The introductory letter includes starter sentences for them to complete since a good review tells a full story; i.e.,

I wanted to improve ___________because ________

I chose Dr. Smith because _____________________

My experience with the doctor and staff was _________

How I feel about my result _____________________


plastic surgery online patient reviews

Follow Up

If your patient does NOT upload a review within 48 hours, have the same staff person who walked them through the review kit call them and say,

“Hi Susan, Dr. Smith and I are looking forward to your review and haven’t seen it yet.
Is there anything I can help you with?

Most likely, that will prompt them to do it now.

Thank Them!

Thank them in any way that really shows your appreciation. That could be a simple phone call, a handwritten letter, a little extra Botox at their next visit, etc.

There is a saying “Behavior that is rewarded is repeated? Just be sure your patient knows how much you appreciate their support.

This strategy works. A plastic surgery practice followed these instructions and handed out 12 packets and within 21 days, they had 7 new plastic surgery patient online reviews.

Please get together with your team and come with a process to get you more Plastic Surgery Online Patient Reviews. It’s that important to your success.

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