Pros & Cons of Hiring a Nurse Injector and Lisa Marie

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Pros & Cons of Hiring a Nurse Injector

There comes a time in your practice when you can’t be all things to all people IF you want to grow. 

There just is not enough of you to go around and there are only so many hours in the day. 

That’s when you consider bringing on a nurse injector. But you want to weigh the pros and cons and your own mindset to determine if this move makes sense to you.

Pros of Hiring a Nurse Injector

Hiring the right nurse injector can be a game changer for you. For example, 

  • They take certain tasks off your plate, so you are freed up to focus on surgery.
  • They become a new profit center that does not involve your time.
  • You can attract new non-surgical patients to your practice who are not yet ready for surgery.
  • They can act as a “surgery scout” and refer their non-surgical patients to you for surgery to fill your surgical schedule. 
  • They could bring with them a loyal cosmetic patient following that creates an instant surge of new patients and revenues.
  • They can be involved in the post-op care of your surgical patients, to nurture them and continue to return to your practice long after surgery.

That all sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But there is a ying to every yang so you’ll want to consider the opposite as well.

pros and cons of hiring nurse injector

Cons of Hiring a Nurse Injector:

  • The wrong hire one can create a toxic environment because they are not a team player.
  • If given too much autonomy, you could be opening yourself up to embezzlement. 
  • They can use you to build up their clientele, only to leave you and take your patients with them. 
  • They can be difficult to manage if they are not open to constructive criticism or learning new advanced techniques and growing. 
  • They may be waiting for you to feed them patients vs. proactively promoting themselves to attract new patients to your practice. 
  • You no longer build relationships with all of your patients, and you have to be ok with that. 

Hire a Newbie vs. An Experienced Nurse Injector

If you like to control all aspects of your practice because it’s your name and reputation on the line, you may want to hire someone straight out of nursing school and train them your way. 

But keep in mind, that means you are spending time and money upfront hoping they are a keeper who turns into a valuable money-maker for you. 

Maybe they will or maybe after your investment, they decide they would rather start a family or partner with someone else and open their own med spa. Ugh!

So, you go with the experienced nurse injector, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time training or managing them. 

But you’ll want to review the cons above to find your own threshold for control, managing staff and watching the numbers to ensure this is a good investment for you.

Tips to Hiring a Nurse Injector

Hire slowly and do your research. Talk to your vendors who are “feet on the street” to find out who’s good, who’s trouble and who may be looking for a new opportunity due to the surgeon retiring. Never poach from your competitors. It’s bad karma. 

There are tons of resources online to help you find someone. Just be super specific about your mission, values and expectations:  


During the interview process, have them show you their work via before/after photos and/or pay them to demonstrate on your staff their techniques so you are comfortable with them representing you. For example, if you tout natural results and they overfill, you are not a match. 

hiring nurse injector benefits for cosmetic and plastic surgeons

Have them sign a non-compete agreement. This is typically not binding but you are using it as a tool to feel them out. If they won’t sign it, that’s a red flag. 

Have several points of contact with them and your staff to be sure they are a team player and get your staff’s input, so they support this new hire because you included them in the hiring process. 

Be sure they understand from the beginning, all of their marketing efforts should be done under your practice name, and with your watermark on all of their photos. 

How to Pay a Nurse Injector

Pay varies dramatically by location and can range anywhere from $25-$55 per hour. You may want to pay less hourly but include a bonus for productivity above and beyond. 

And, instead of overpaying on the hire, you could include benefits instead  to include health insurance, profit-sharing, continuing education and discounted surgery since they are representing you and can become a walking/talking testimonial. 

Please take your time with hiring new staff so you find the right fit for your practice. 

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