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The Art of Delegation

If you “do only what YOU can do”, you gain great clarity and a whole lot more time because you’re not mired in the details of running a practice that could be handled by someone else. Maximize your efficiency by using the simple practice of delegation.

How to Learn the Art of Delegation to Improve Profits and Productivity

Here’s a math equation to know what should be delegated … 

To keep it easy, let’s say your revenues are $1,000,000.

You work on average 2,000 hours per year.

Your time is worth $500/hour.

Now focus on only $500/hour activities by doing only what you do best. Surgery, big-ticket procedures, excellent patient consultations and superb post-op patient care. Patients return, refer and give you great reviews.

If someone else can do it for less than $500/hour – delegate it!

Activities to delegate would include: paperwork, petty staff issues, research, handyman fix-it projects around the office. And working with vendors on the details and the list is endless.

To make this a reality to show you just how much money you’re missing out on, here’s an exercise for you… 

For one week, jot down all the big and little activities that take up your day.

delegation for plastic surgeons At the end of the week, circle what needs to be eliminated from your plate and delegate it to someone else’s.

Now you have freed up your time to do the truly important activities that move the needle in terms of growing your practice more efficiently and profitably.

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delegation for plastic surgeons
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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.


Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.

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