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The COMPLETE Cosmetic Patient Flow Plan

If you are wondering HOW to attract new cosmetic patients to your practice and nothing you are doing is working like you want it to, this will give you clarity about what’s going on and how you can adapt to win using The COMPLETE Cosmetic Patient Flow Plan.

Let me ask you this…

Are you baffled by cosmetic patient advertising and how to do it right to attract new patients to your practice?

Perhaps you’ve got the practice, the team, and the skills… but maybe not the new patient leads you need?

Or maybe you’re facing other problems like stiff competition; falling conversion rates or prospective new cosmetic patients aren’t finding you organically?

Done-for-You Services

If you partner with our popular ‘done-for-you’ service though, then we can get your phones ringing with patient leads wanting your cosmetic services.

And isn’t that what you ultimately want?
More leads, more inquiries, more conversions, more money and more growth?

Cosmetic Patients Are In Control

Here’s the thing…with so much choice empowering consumers to make decisions, prospective cosmetic patients are gaining complete control over the decision-making process.

Especially in the plastic surgery market.

What do I mean by that?

Well, patients are price shopping like never before.

They’re taking a lot of time to research and evaluate their options. In fact, the majority of the whole patient journey ‒ about 75 percent ‒ is complete by the time a potential patient engages with you.

Cosmetic Patient Advertising is Crazy Expensive

That means attracting new cosmetic patients online has become a big expensive challenge for surgeons like yourself and that’s why I prepared this special post for you.

Because I want to show you how to transform your patient lead generation plan from:

A lack of leads with poor conversion rates to…

…a constant stream of new patients hungry for your services.

Dominate Your Market

In fact, these are the ideal types of leads since they’re typically ready to convert to paid procedures right away. And the best part?

You can get all of these benefits on auto-pilot with no need to hire more staff.

This gives you an opportunity to DOMINATE your market because you will be firing on all cylinders…

…while your competitors continue their narrow focus down the wrong road.

I’ll explain that in more detail in a minute.

Here’s What You Will Discover When
Work With Me and My Team:

– A done-for-you SYSTEM for creating a powerful plan to predictably keep a steady stream of cash-paying patient leads coming to you;

– How to professionally convert callers to booked appointments and convert consultations to paid procedures; and

– Identify the ‘Practice Gaps’ that MOST hurt your bottom line and how to turn them into Money-Making Profit Centers;

786% – 5,278% PROVEN ROI

I’m actually going to show you a simple way to get a 786% – 5,278% PROVEN ROI from your efforts without…

– Wasting time redesigning your website (again)

– Spending more on organic search to get ranked; or

– Hiring more staff

As a matter of fact, here is a sample of a monthly progress report we prepare for our clients so they can see at a glance the EXACT results they get from our efforts – including names.

For example, this is an actual monthly progress report of the results from our various efforts. We had to blur out names for privacy.

Our client received $105,400 in additional estimated revenues with our done-for-you services.

Tired of Losing Money?

Because if you’re anything like other plastic surgeons I work with, you too, are tired of figuring out what to do to bring in more cosmetic patients.

And you’re likely frustrated losing money on tactics that are old or simply don’t work.
And you’re sick of the revenue roller coaster

This special report I prepared for you shows you a better way.

A Proven Marketing Plan Makes All the Difference

When a plastic surgery practice is looking to grow and succeed, it’s important to create a powerful, robust, and proven marketing plan.

If you don’t have that plan, then you’re in trouble. If you do, however, then you’re in good hands.

Just imagine…

The peace of mind you’ll have once you’re able to identify the new patient lead strategies as well as practice gaps keeping you from….

MORE Patients

MORE Procedures

MORE Revenues

By the way, I’m going to lay out exactly what you need to plug up the holes costing you time and money so you can do it yourself or, if you decide to get the help and support you need, I’d be happy to do it for you.

At the end of this report, though, I’ll make it super simple for you to partner with me.

I’ll offer my full range of services to you so that you can make an informed decision to grow your practice (the right way).

Just in Case You’re Not Familiar With My Work…

I am Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Consultant and Trainer for the Plastic Surgery Industry since Year 2000.

I’ve been interviewed by NBC, Today and The Wall Street Journal and my patient attraction and conversion strategies as well as done-for-you services have made more than $18M in revenues for plastic surgeons all over the world by fixing their lead generation system and plugging up the holes we’re talking about here.

And on a personal note, I am based out of Sausalito, CA. It’s a small sailboat community right over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The views are spectacular and I highly recommend you take a helicopter tour to check out the crazy-expensive real estate.

Practice Gaps Hurting Your Bottom Line

So let’s start with the practice gaps MOST affecting your bottom line and then we’ll talk about the quickest fixes to turn things around so I’ll jump right in with…

Practice Gap #1:  You Need MORE Patient Leads

This is the #1 priority in any cosmetic practice. New leads are the lifeblood of your practice. If you want more cash-paying patients and surgeries, you need more leads.

But where do these new leads come from and how do you get a predictable and steady flow of them?

You already know you have to “pay to play” in today’s marketplace. Why?

Because free organic SEO is no longer the “go to” search rankings strategy. And, gone are the days of you being found “by accident” or just because you’ve updated your Website.

The Secret to Attracting New Cosmetic Patients?

It’s to go where others are not….yet. Here’s what I mean…

TV, Print and Radio Ads have been replaced by social media ads because that’s where all the eyes went.

Social media advertising is the single biggest opportunity in the history of advertising because for a fraction of the cost, you can target WHO sees your ads.

That’s powerful.

But that means the ad design and copy are crucial to get a click.

It’s got to be eye-catching, engaging and it must offer the consumer cosmetic patient something of value so they actually respond.

Because the ONLY thing that counts at this stage is to encourage a prospective cosmetic patient to take the next step. And that is to click on your ad.

Otherwise you are spending money on leads that aren’t making you money, right?

But here’s the kicker…Leads are only one part of it.

These leads need to be converted so let’s keep going…

Practice Gap #2: Weak Follow Up on Incoming Leads

Most plastic surgeons suffer lost profits here every day, every month and every year from this silent money-waster.

I think you’ll be surprised at the stats when it comes to staff following up on leads you spent a fortune to get in the first place:

✓48% NEVER Follow Up

✓Average First Follow Up is 72 Hours Later

✓Only 25% of practices make 2 contact attempts

✓64% of practices do not have any organized way to follow up on a lead

But it’s not your staff ’s fault. They have NOT been trained on how to do it professionally.

How crazy is it to spend a fortune on lead generation but not spend any (or enough) time and effort converting them?

How frustrating is it to throw money at new patient leads that should be building your practice but, instead, it’s money down the drain because they don’t close?

Your staff will now have access to a simple sales lead platform, scripts and processes to follow up on patient leads that increase your conversions by 15%.

That will be a game-changer for you and a way to dominate your market when you follow up faster and better than your competition but there’s more…

Here’s the next practice gap….

Practice Gap #3:  Staff Can’t Convert Callers or Consults

Every practice’s success is limited by their staff’s ability to convert callers to appointments and appointments to paid procedures.

It’s way too competitive to be mediocre at this stage of the lead process.

Take the phone leads…

Almost every office is challenged by this… Phone trees, answering machines, indifferent or unfriendly staff, or new untrained staff and on and on.

Phones are taken way too lightly because it’s not enough to have a friendly staff person answering the phones; they also have to be skilled. Otherwise, you lose money.

Look what happens WHEN (not IF) you lose 1 caller per day worth only $2,000:

That adds up fast:




An easy fix is to give your receptionist the scripts and training they need to keep you busy with booked appointments. It’s time and money well spent.

And what’s your coordinator’s converting rate?

The prospective patient who calls you, schedules an appointment and shows up is a Hot Prospect!

They have already decided to move forward to find a solution to something that bothers them or they wouldn’t have gone to this much trouble.

Your patient coordinator needs to be a well-trained professional with proven scripts, strategies and tools to get the patients to a yes.

For example, does your coordinator know how to:

– Position you, the surgeon, as the BEST CHOICE?

– Qualify the patient to prepare them for the quote presentation?

– Present with confidence to get the patient excited about moving forward?

– Move them closer to choosing your services?

– And, ultimately, ask for a decision?

Most coordinators don’t ask because they haven’t been trained to do so comfortably and professionally.

Converting Training Increases Conversions at Least 15%

I will give and equip your receptionist and patient coordinator with ALL THE TOOLS they need to get really good at converting callers and consultations.

Because nothing else matters until the patients say yes and give you money.

Until a transaction is made, a lead is just a lead. We need your staff to move them along the buyer journey. And convert them!

Your receptionist and coordinator will now be equipped with ALL THE TOOLS they need to get really good at converting callers and consultations.

They will have 24/7 access to The Converting Club for Receptionists
and Coordinators to increase their conversions by at least 15%.

Here is what’s included:

  • 22 Training videos on key strategies
  • Quizzes to ensure the information is retained
  • Actual scripts and processes to follow
  • Weekly behavior metrics to hold your staff accountable
  • Coaching calls to and keep them motivated and engaged

And there’s one more deadly practice gap that’s costly you patients and procedures and that is…

Practice Gap #4:  You Ignore Patients Who Would Return and Refer

Your #1 practice asset is your list of patients who know, like and trust you.

Many of these patients would gladly return and refer if given the opportunity. They are not as price-sensitive and they are way more likely to say yes to you than an “internet stranger patient”.

And, we all know a majority of your new patients come from your current patients so this is the new mindset you need to adopt to survive in today’s crazy competitive world:

RETENTION is the New Patient Attraction Strategy

 Because when you take your patients for granted and/or ignore them, you open the door for your competitors to steal them away from you.

Please remember, cosmetic patients have endless needs..

especially as the relentless aging process continues.

Your cosmetic patients need your services now and a month from now and a year from now and so on.

When you partner with us, we go into stealth mode to nurture your current patients so they return and refer their friends and family.

Database Marketing is Effective

How do we do it? With strategic Database Marketing using segmented messages, themed emails and customized social media banners.

That way, we are connecting with your patients no matter where they are online.

So let me ask you…

Do you believe, you too, would get at least 5 to 25 more procedures per month from this plan focused on new patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention?

Obviously its worth it so if you don’t want to do it, outsource it because SOMEBODY should be doing this type of high-end, strategic promotion to grow your cosmetic revenues and keep a steady stream of cash-paying patients coming to you.

Recap of Practice Gaps

Okay, I covered a lot here so to recap-

Here are the Practice Gaps Affecting Your Bottom Line the Most:

  • You need MORE Cosmetic Patient Leads because Prospective Patients
    Can No Longer Easily Find You Organically

*   Weak Follow Up on Your Incoming Leads

  • Your Staff Can’t Convert New Callers or Consults
  • You Ignore Patients Who Would Return and Refer

So here’s a question for you…

What if…..

What if you could easily turn on a new patient lead generator AND plug up the practice gaps that are costing you time, money and effort and have it handled for you so you didn’t have to hassle with it?

Would that give you back control over your day?

Would you enjoy the freedom from managing staff and processes (since you’d know that someone else is focused on growing your practice for you)?

Would you like some help with that?

What if we did it for you?

  • We design, write copy and run display ad campaigns on social platforms
  • We use your patient list to enlist new patients
  • We provide your staff with a follow-up platform including scripts, strategies and protocol to follow to get a conversion
  • We train your staff to be converting rock stars
  • We listen to calls we are responsible for to accurately track results
  • We nurture your current patients with emails and social media that get your patients returning and referring
  • We track and report to you all results

You are Freed Up to Focus on Patient Care

Now you and your staff are freed up to focus on your core competency. And that is to focus on patient care and that is what leads to:

– Happy staff

– Satisfied patients who return and refer

– 5-star reviews to attract more new patients

– New cosmetic patients who convert

When you outsource patient lead generation, follow up, conversion, retention as well as sales training, you have a well-oiled machine working for you.

You Now Have Certainty and Control

And what comes with that? A whole lot of certainty. Certainty in knowing the key metrics in your practice are being handled by smart professionals.

That gives you control over your day so you are more profitable and productive and you have peace of mind knowing you get back time and achieve better results. This is how you strategically compete and gain market share.

So, if this all-in-one solution makes sense to you, let me and my team execute it for you and hand you the leads when they are ready to book an appointment

The Complete Cosmetic Patient Flow Plan

This plan consists of several platforms and a dashboard that:

  • Gives you the certainty you need knowing you have a plan to predictably and reliably keep new cosmetic patient leads coming in month after month;
  • Provides an automatic system that allows you and your team to focus on patient care while my team and I focus on getting you more leads and more patients;
  • Includes a proprietary formula of More Patient Leads + Nurture + Follow up + Conversion + Retention = A Healthy Cosmetic Practice!

This is what keeps a steady stream of leads and revenues coming to you consistently for your peace of mind knowing you have a marketing machine working in the background.

Here is what we need from you:

When you say yes, all we need from you to get started is for you to:

– Decide on the procedure you want to focus on and the ad spend investment
you want to make (the minimum is $2,000 per month but the more, the better,
of course);

Then we do the rest by going into stealth mode designing your unique ads, emails, posts and customizing your patient lead and follow up platform and so we track all results and do everything possible to turn that lead into a fully booked consultation for you – without wasting you or your staff’s time.

My Guarantee to You

I can’t tell you all that goes into our “secret sauce” because then others would try to copy us and you would lose your competitive edge.

Instead, I’ll give you my guarantee to do everything I laid out in this report to transform your practice and if you’re not satisfied with your results within the first 60 days, you can cancel at any time because there are no long-term contracts to sign.

I want you happy and busy…period.

And to sweeten the deal so you don’t delay,
if you partner with us now, you’ll receive:

BONUS #1Save $1,000 on Customization Fees

Since you read my report to the end, I want to reward you for partnering with me so I’ve reduced the Customization and Implementation Fee from $1997 to only $997.

Just so you know, a ton of work goes into the backend of this system to set up not only the lead generation but also the follow up process of email, text, phone calls, reporting, and more. We track important metrics so that you know your investment is worth it.

BONUS #2: Free Consulting with Me

I truly want to see you succeed so I will personally be available to you for catch up calls so we can discuss whatever is on your mind…staff issues, competitor problems, should you buy new technology and whatever else is bothering you.

I have consulted with hundreds of practices and am a wealth of information and resources that you now have access to using my personal cell and email.

Bonus #3: FREE KISS Rewards Loyalty Program

There is one more practice gap you most likely have in your practice and that is the lack of a loyalty system for patient retention.

As they say in marketing, it’s 16x more expensive to find a new patient than it is to keep a current patient so you need to put “golden handcuffs” on your patients so they stay loyal to you, return more often, refer their friends, give you great reviews, have surgery with you and approve the use of their before/after photos.

It costs too much to attract these patients to you – only to lose them to your competitors who steal them away from you.

A Cosmetic Patient Retention System is necessary and we have the perfect solution for you.

Free! KISS Rewards Loyalty Program (Value $8,340)

Consumers love and will pay more to use a service business like hotels, restaurants and airlines because of the points and perks they get for their loyalty

It makes perfect sense to use a loyalty program in our industry as well, doesn’t it?

It builds repeat business which, in turn, leads to growth through repeat visits and referrals and that grows your patient database organically as well as your bottom line.

But the problem with most loyalty programs is that they are too darn complicated!

KISS Rewards Program is as straightforward as you can get.

It’s easy for the staff to record and it’s fun for the patients to collect points towards free services.

The platform is customized for you and set up with your specifics and all is tracked on a cloud-based platform with easy reporting and reminders to keep your patients engaged.

How easy is that?

Is This Done-for-You Plan Worth It?

The bottom line is always “will you make money “ and grow your practice working with me? Here’s the answer.

When you improve your processes by just 10% in each area that is currently losing you money, you give yourself a raise.

Actually, a very big raise.


That is a $900,000 raise when you partner with me so I can close up the gaps that are siphoning revenues from your pocket.

 It’s the compounding effect in action.

When you increase the number of leads you’re getting and improve your phones, converting and following up skills and add a loyalty program your staff and patients love, it’s not just 10% increase.

Because of the compounding effect, its 10% x 10% x 10% x 10% =
39% Increase in Overall Revenues!


Case Study: Actual results from monthly progress report:







 Our client received $67,400  in
additional estimated revenues
with our done-for-you services.

So How Much Is It?

Well, you have two options. So let me briefly break it down. Let’s start with how much it would cost to do it yourself the right way as I laid out here.

For the do-it-yourself option, if you would need to pay:

  • Staff to write copy and design banner ads that get clicked on;
  • Staff to set up ad campaigns & upload them to various sites so they need
    to be Tech-Savvy to get ads approved and set up ad sets and campaigns;
  • Staff to design strategic themed emails that get clicked on and go to a “call to action” customized landing page;
  • You also need to pay vendors to record and monitor calls and track results;
  • Then you need staff to follow up on leads via phone calls, emails and text so staff would have to write email copy and design professional follow up emails and send out as well as track their results; and
  • You would have to come up with a Loyalty Program that actually works (that would computer programming and many, many thousands of dollars)

All of this work would take 2-3 staff members + several outside vendors and can easily add up to $100K in fees + salaries + benefits + sick days AND you get to manage these vendors and staff members to be sure the job is getting done.

One little (and by little I mean big) problem? Most surgeons don’t want to manage more staff.
Nor do they want to spend more than they have to.

The Easier Way is to Partner With Me

As for the second option…

You could partner with me and my team and we’ll do it all for you.

For this second option,

We normally charge $5997 per month for all of these services charged separately because so much labor, creativity and technologies go into it; however, because you have read this to the end, I am offering you a special combination fee of only $3,997 per month* so you save $24K per year.

This is a much better deal than the first option, wouldn’t you say? So for the price of a few wrinkle filler patients, you can have The Complete Cosmetic Patient Flow Plan bringing you patient leads predictably, week after week.

*Plus your adspend budget of $2K minimum

However, we can only work with 1 surgeon per area.

Because our Patient Attraction Lead System gives you the competitive edge over your competitors, it would be a conflict for us to help you get leads as well as the other guys in your community.

So you’ll want to act now to get the unfair advantage over your competitors.

Go to and let’s see if your area is available.

And I want to mention who this is NOT for so I don’t waste your time or mine.

  • This is NOT for you if you don’t have a patient database of at least 2,000
  • This is NOT for you if you’re not willing to invest in advertising
  • This is NOT for you if your staff is not open to growing and helping you succeed and

One more “good news” thing …

You simply make an initial small non-refundable investment in the reduced customization and implementation fee of Only $997 and then you are not charged again until your first ads start running and your themed email goes out to get your phones ringing to convert more incoming leads so you are never “out of pocket” because you will make that money back in new revenues gained before your credit card payment is due.

So let’s get started right away. Go to and let’s see if your area is still available.

It’s Time to Make a Plan

It’s time to stop the bleeding of lost profits from these practice gaps. The most successful plastic surgeons leverage their time, money and resources by doing what is proven to work and getting it done in the least amount of time with the least amount of staff and hassle.

Because If you decide NOT to move forward with The COMPLETE Cosmetic Patient Flow Plan Done-for-You Service I laid out here…

…what’s going to happen to your growth this year?

You will likely continue to experience:

  • Losing money on wasted lead generation that doesn’t get clicked on
  • Keep losing leads to your competitors
  • Wondering if your leads are being followed up on
  • Listening to your staff complain they don’t have time, and
  • Not knowing your true ROI from your advertising costs

Plug Up the Holes

Let’s plug up the practice gaps by getting you more patient leads, giving you the tools to professionally follow up on your incoming leads, and converting those leads, so you and your staff focus on excellent patient care.

Because we both know that:

✓Attracting and converting new patients to your practice has become a HUGE

✓Lead conversion continues to decrease because it’s gotten so noisy in the
marketplace which makes following up on those incoming leads crucial to your
success; and

✓Using your limited resources to focus on patient care while outsourcing the rest
is beyond important.

Go now to to see if your area is still available.

Dedicated to getting you more patients and more profits –




P.S. At the end of the day, this is NOT just another business expense. This is different.

This is actually an investment in growing your cosmetic practice strategically with a strategic plan to attract new cosmetic patients, convert them, follow up with them and retain them, all while training your staff to professionally represent you.

With that said, thank you for your trust in me. When we partner, I’ll do everything I can to get you more patients and more profits and train your staff to be converting rock stars.

Go now to and we’ll talk soon!

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