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The Successful Practice Triad for Plastic Surgeons

It takes a ton of time, money, and effort to set up a successful plastic surgery practice. And, theSuccessful Practice Triad percentage of time, money and effort changes as you change and grow.

For example, when you’re just starting out, you have way more time than money so you may use it to create social media content, network with non-competing providers who can refer you, and handle your own administrative tasks.

As you grow, you get busier and have less time. So, you hire people to do the admin, test advertising channels and network for you.

The Triad of A Successful Plastic Surgery Practice

Now, you are more focused on surgery and have some breathing room, since others are taking care of things you no longer want to do or are even good at.

But then something happens.

Google changes the algorithms; your key employee quits and/or you get banned on social media for who-knows-why. Now you are back to square one and have to put more time, money and effort into rebuilding and so it goes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you set your practice up like a business, you have clarity of who you are, what you want in terms of goals and values, and you focus on the most important aspects to keep your practice healthy and profitable.

But a big mistake I see when consulting with plastic surgeons is that they lack vision, clarity and a plan. Too many are “winging it”.

  • They try something for a bit and quit.
  • They listen to a sales pitch, buy, and assume it’s a new profit center without much more thought.
  • They hire staff fast because they need to fill positions.

By the way, on my Beauty and the Biz podcast, the majority of surgeons I interviewed said their #1 challenge is staffing issues. For example, 

  • finding good staff
  • making sure staff is doing their jobs
  • handling staff conflicts 
  • creating a culture of teamwork vs. backstabbing and on and on

Yes, staffing can be complicated because you are dealing with human emotions, beliefs and personalities but there’s plenty you can do to get control over it and the rest of your practice.

I developed this simple framework to help.

It’s called The Successful Practice Triad for Plastic Surgeons.

It’s simple. When you focus on these (3) main variables consistently, your work life gets better.

You have better-quality leads coming in that don’t waste your time, because you are using the best marketing channels given your circumstances and geographic location. Your messaging and branding is on point.

You are strategically encouraging prospective patients to contact you, rather than simply “like you”.  You are attracting patients who care more about you than the lowest bid.

So, leads are the 1st pillar of the triad.

The 2nd pillar of the triad is converting those leads.

Leads are only one part of the equation. They must be converted into a booked consultation and then a paid procedure or all is lost.

For example, your front desk staff represents a huge, untapped opportunity, but is often taken lightly. How much do they know about converting phone calls into bookings? Probably very little, if they haven’t had any formal training.

My team and I have been mystery shopping practices for over 20 years and it’s shocking what you don’t know is being said by your front desk that directly affects your image and reputation.

Also, do you have the right patient coordinator?

The coordinator with the right character, mindset and skills can take your practice revenues from “just enough to pay the bills” to a windfall every month because they know how to book cosmetic procedures!

This position cannot be taken lightly either. You may think anyone can step in to do the job of a coordinator, but you’ll see by the lack of booked surgeries that’s not the case.

Converting consultations is an art and trained skill. It takes the right strategies, knowledge and then lots of practice to get good at confidently taking a “stranger patient” to a paying cosmetic patient.

The staff you bring on to represent you professionally must have the right mindset, attitude, people skills and training to keep you busy and profitable.

And it’s a lot easier to find, manage and motivate staff they have clarity, scripts and processes to keep them focused.

And, lastly, the 3rd pillar of The Successful Practice Triad for Plastic Surgeons is Accountability.

Webster’s Dictionary says the definition of accountability is: “the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.

successful plastic surgery practice

There are 4 key areas of accountability that change everything for your successful plastic surgery practice when you implement them:

  • clearly defined goals
  • assigned to specific team members
  • with clearly mapped out behavior metrics they will follow to reach their goals
  • and regular check-ins to evaluate results and get feedback

By the way, there is plenty of technology and apps available today to help you track everything like:

  • which marketing and adverising efforts are bringing in the best leads
  • the lead response time
  • the % of callers booking appointments
  • your coordinator’s conversion rate
  • who’s following up on leads
  • how many referrals and reviews are getting and on and on

When you have a good handle on your efforts and results, your practice runs more smoothly, your staff is more productive and you are making more money with less hassle.

And there you have it. The Successful Practice Triad:  Leads, Converting, Accountability

So, knowing this, now what do you do?

Well, they say knowledge equals power but that’s only true if you execute that knowledge, so here’s a question for you:

Are you making multi-millions a year AND having fun while you’re doing it?

If not, the solution to these problems is clarity on what you’re doing because the solution to turning your practice around isn’t about working harder.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that plastic surgeons make. They believe that making more money means working longer hours. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this is actually counterproductive. The goal is to work smarter, not harder. 

successful plastic surgery practice

And, you need to get out of your own head. The problem is that you’re too close to your business. You’re too involved and can’t see the forest from the trees. But this is why it’s so important that you get a second opinion. 

Because the only difference between more successful surgeons and yourself is that they know something that you don’t.

That’s really all there is to it.

And here’s another secret:

These surgeons STOPPED trying to figure it out on their own.

After all, what’s the fastest way to achieve success?

It’s to model what other successful surgeons are doing.

So I have developed a 9-step process when working with cosmetic practices to up level to a profitable practice they are proud of and here they are:

#1 Your Vision

We start by creating a vision for your practice. This helps you get clarity on where you are, where you’re trying to go, and what’s holding you back.

As I said before, the big thing here is that you get an outsider’s perspective. You also need insight into the ways that other surgeons have solved their problems.

With my help, you can achieve both of these goals. You’ll get out of your head, and see what’s actually going on. This paradigm shift allows you to focus on what’s actually important…and see what’s really holding you back.

#2 Your Key Performance Indicators

What gets measured gets improved. Sadly, most surgeons don’t track anything. It’s that, or they’re tracking the wrong things.

We’ll do a deep dive into your data and identify your KPIs. This helps you cut the signal to noise ratio and learn what’s really important. You’ll figure out where resources are going to waste. What’s costing you time, money, hassle, and sleepless nights…plus how to address and fix these things.

#3 Phone Mystery-Shopping

successful plastic surgery practice

It’s a fact…bad phones cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, so phone mystery shopping is one of the most powerful tools ever invented to getting your front desk into gear. It’s also one of the best tools for training and improving their effectiveness.

My team will mystery shop your practice and provide insights into how staff can handle callers better, so they book rather than hang up and call your competitors.

#4 Customized Converting Training

Here’s the ugly truth:

You’re leaving money on the table and it’s mostly due to your staff. They need to learn how to convert callers into appointments and consultations into paid procedures. With my help, you’re guaranteed to increase conversions by at least 15%

How much money could this be worth to you?

15% can easily be a worth a half a million dollars or more, when your staff are properly trained! What could this extra money mean to your practice? You could pay down debt, save for retirement, go on vacation, or upgrade your office and equipment.

The possibilities are endless.

And the solution is easy. I create customized, interactive training on the following topics.

Training 1: “How to Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits”

This is for staff who answer phones and includes:

  • 5 points which must be covered on EVERY call for the best possible result
  • How to strategically “close” callers and do it without sounding like a salesman
  • How to position yourself (and your practice) as the best choice for callers

Training 2: “Prospect to Patient – How to Get a Patient to a YES”

This training is mainly for your patient coordinator (although all staff can benefit from it.)

Topics include.

  • How to frame and position you as the best choice BEFORE the consultation
  • How to deal with the question of prices, patients who want to negotiate, and patient objections
  • How to “close” the consultation without applying pressure, or being too pushy

Training 3 “Prospect to Patient – How to Get a Patient to a YES”

The easiest way to a cash surge is to increase the lifetime value of each patient. That means no extra budget for advertising is necessary. The topics include:

  • Simple strategies to introduce all of your services in clever, fun ways so patients want to give you more money
  • How to combine products and services so patients get a WOW result
  • Customer service skills so patients give you ALL of their disposable income and not just a part of it

#5 Your Patients’ Experience

successful plastic surgery practice patient expierence

Customer experience is all important. Every facet of your practice plays into this. From the moment patients walk through the door, to the moment they leave.

I’ll show you how to provide the best patient experience possible. (Plus how to do it with the least amount of effort.)

We’ll go through your current process and determine what’s working and what you can improve on. I’ll also point out mistakes being made and how to correct them.

Very few practices realize how much money they’re leaving on the table due to poor customer experience. This is one of the simplest things to correct and I’ll show you how.

#6 Your New Patient Attraction And Conversion Blueprint

Without a constant stream of new patients, you have no business. This is why it’s critical that you figure out your patient attraction strategy. You’ll see how to do this with my proven New Patient Attraction and Conversion Blueprint. This gives you a step-by-step formula for booking out your practice with new and existing patients.

We’ll also take a look at your current marketing efforts and determine what’s working and what isn’t. This way you spending money on things that are actually effective work (and stop spending money on things that don’t work.)

We’ll examine the ROI of your marketing, look at your “sales funnel” and find ways of improving your conversion rates. This includes every step of the sales process: from receiving inquiries, to booking patients, and beyond.

With my help you’ll convert as many leads as possible AND avoid losing money.

#7 Follow-Up Assessment And Evaluation Report

I’ll assess and evaluate your practice based on strengths, challenges, and strategies for improvement. You’ll get a checklist of things to prioritize and work through. This gives you a list of actionable ideas and a “Playbook” for achieving your goals.

successful plastic surgery practice evaluations

#8 One Year Marketing Plan

I’ll also give you a 1-year plan for the future. This includes a tailored marketing plan and follow-up process that contains measurable timelines. This way you can stop worrying where the money will come from, and start enjoying a steady and predictable stream of income.

By the way, if you’re too busy to execute this plan, then my team can do it for you (just note that you’re not obliged to use my services.)

#9 On-Going Support

It’s important that you stay on track, stay motivated, get additional advice, and put these ideas into action. This is especially true after my on-site visit. I need to make sure that you’re actually making progress and using my strategies.

This is why we conduct weekly strategy calls, as well as unlimited email and text access to me. You can also use this time to ask questions and get additional clarity on topics such as practice building, patient attraction, or staff training.

Right Now, You’re Probably Thinking:

Is All of This Really Worth It?

The best way of answering this is by looking at the numbers.

For example, take your current income and increase it by 15%

How much would that work out to?





What if a few simple tweaks could produce this type of income overnight?

Here’s another way to look at it:

  1. My fees are a drop in the bucket compared to what you get. I know this because NO surgeon has ever said that time working with me was a waste, and
  • At the end of the day you have to start thinking like a business person…and…this means investing money into your practice.

So, you have a decision to make:

Choice #1:

You can keep doing what you’re doing. You can get the same results and waste up 5,10, or 20 years round in circles, not reaching your goal and wondering what happened, or….

triad for successful plastic surgery practice

Choice #2:

You work with me and solve these problems once and for all. You get access to the best and most effective strategies for running your practice and making a successful plastic surgery practice where you want to be.

It’s really that simple.

I’ve done this for countless surgeons. I can do it for you. You just need to take a leap of faith and believe. You’ve already invested money into your education and your practice…why not invest a little more?

The reality is that you need to learn the business and marketing side of things. Unless you do this, you’ll never reach your full potential as a surgeon. Not only that, everything you’ve invested so far will go to waste.

That might sound harsh, but it’s true.

It’s also true that you need to handle this problem NOW.

Every day you delay this affects your life 5,10 or 20 years down the line. It affects your future health, happiness, and eventual net-worth. It affects your ability to save for retirement, your family life, your work life balance.

For example:

  • Imagine retiring ten years earlier, and doing it well
  • Imagine enjoying as much free time as you’d like
  • Imagine a rock-solid relationship with your family members
  • Imagine being free of stress, debt, and problems
  • Imagine owning the home of your dreams, or the car you’ve always wanted

And here’s one more fact to consider…

Most millionaires are small business people, not doctors.

What’s funny is that many of these millionaires didn’t even go to college.

What’s the difference between you and them?


They’re just good at business and marketing, and know things that you don’t.

It’s time to change this.

Are you ready?

catherine-maley-book- 1


A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.


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