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Top Ways to Attract More Plastic Surgery Patients in 2020

In order to get your fair share of the cosmetic rejuvenation revenues, here are the top ways to attract more plastic surgery patients in 2020. But as you will see, it takes more than just plastic surgery leads to grow your practice. 

Get more plastic surgery patient leads in 2020

Of course, new leads are the lifeblood of your plastic surgery practice but where are they coming from?

Are you counting on free organic search for new patients to find you? If so, you may be disappointed since organic SEO is no longer the “go to” search rankings strategy.

It’s not so easy to get ranked organically because there’s a good chance The Aesthetic Society and American Society of Plastic Surgeons websites will rank over you because they are considered authority sites and you can’t compete with this as a solo practitioner in one city.

So maybe you’re putting a lot of money into Pay Per Click Ads but losing to your competitors who are willing to outbid you. Google Adwords is an expensive game to play because you are attempting to grab the attention of the 3% of those who click on those ads are ready to move forward. The other 97% are still in research mode.

The secret to advertising is to go where others are not so you have a better chance of grabbing the attention of would-be patients.

This year, the emphasis is on social media and the strategy is focused on lead generation versus lead fulfillment. So, rather than spend a fortune on google adwords to go after the 3% who are ready, you use social media ad campaigns to go after the 30% of the market who COULD be ready. 

But once you you get those plastic surgery leads, then what?

Here are more top ways to attract more plastic surgery patients in 2020:

Follow Up on Incoming Plastic Surgery Leads

As mentioned above, only 3% of prospective cosmetic patients are ready to move forward NOW? And another 30% “could” be ready to move forward if nurtured?

But look at the stats when it comes to staff following up on leads:

✓48% NEVER Follow Up
✓Average First Follow Up is 72 Hours Later
✓Only 25% of practices make 2 contact attempts
✓64% of practices do NOT have an organized way to follow up on leads

But it’s not your staff’s fault. They have not been given the tools, tips and strategies to follow up professionally and consistently.

For example, it takes at least 8 points of contact to get someone’s attention; however, most practices give up after the 1st or 2nd attempt.

Staff Must Convert Plastic Surgery Patient Callers and Consults

Every practice’s success is limited by their staff’s ability to convert callers to appointments and appointments to paid procedures.

It is way too competitive to be mediocre at this stage of the lead process.

Be honest.
Do you have the right person representing you on the phones?

If not, it doesn’t matter what you do or spend to get new plastic surgery patients if they can’t get past your gatekeeper.

Or maybe you have a great receptionist but you’re not sure about your coordinator because the conversion rates are low…So you wonder:

Is it your coordinator?
Is it the patients?
Is it something else?

To ensure your coordinator is NOT the problem, please be sure they are trained to:

  • Position you, the surgeon, as the BEST CHOICE;
  • Qualify the patient to prepare them for the quote presentation;
  • Present with confidence to get the patient excited about moving forward;
  • Move them closer to choosing your services;
  • And, ultimately, ask for a decision.

Most coordinators don’t ask because they haven’t been trained to do so comfortably and professionally, so don’t make that mistake.

And lastly,

Stay in Touch so Your Plastic Surgery Return and Refer

Just because prospective patients don’t say yes right away, doesn’t mean never. They may simply be saying “not yet” so nurture that relationship.

Because there are all sorts of reasons prospective patients delay and procrastinate. Life could have gotten in the way so when you keep in touch, you stay top-of-mind so they call you rather than your competitors when they are ready to move forward.

There is even more leverage and opportunity right under your nose to double your results when you also stay in touch with your established patients who already know, like, and trust you and who would gladly return and refer if prompted.

As a matter of fact, the new year mantra is:

Retention is the 2020 New Patient Attraction Strategy that costs very little time and money but adds up to easy profits.

Many of those patients would gladly return and refer if given the opportunity.

But when you take them for granted, they feel neglected and go to someone else who takes better care of them.

That’s bad because cosmetic patients have endless needs…especially as the aging process continues.

Think, “Patient for Life” since that’s where all of your leverage is since you spent a fortune to attract that patient to you and it takes minimal cost and effort to keep them.

Check out my new report, Cosmetic Patient Attraction Plan for 2020 to get the details of other top ways to attract more plastic surgery patients in 2020. 

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