tracking leads for cosmetic patients - how to track leads

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Tracking Cosmetic Patient Leads

I’m sure you’re painfully aware of how expensive it has gotten to get leads: SEO, content marketing, social media content, website re-design, directories, Google Adwords, retargeting and 100 other strategies you invest in to get the phone ringing.

Tips for Tracking Cosmetic Patient Leads to Increase Conversions

Hopefully, you have a lot of “irons in the fire” so you get a good amount of leads that could turn into paid procedures.

Because nothing is more important than lead generation. Leads are the lifeblood of your practice. 

If they stop, you stop.

So, what happens to those leads? 

  • When and how does your staff respond?
  • Where did these leads come from?
  • How many times does your staff follow up?
  • How do you keep track of these leads?

The holy grail of a successful cosmetic practice is its lead generation process. They have a strategic system for tracking cosmetic patient leads to get them over the finish line and it’s not just about new leads. 

It’s a step-by-step process vital to get you the results you need. 

Here’s what I mean:

Attract New Patient Leads

These top practices are not afraid to spend on advertising because they track lead results carefully to ensure they are getting a positive return on their investment. 

If they are, they continue with the advertising plan until it doesn’t work anymore and then they switch it up and try something else.

They know marketing is fluid, so they watch, track and adapt.

They also know it’s a numbers game, so they fish with lots of poles in the pond rather than count on one marketing channel to carry all the weight.

tracking leads for cosmetic patients - how to track leads

Respond to Patient Leads

The first responder wins almost every time, so they figure out how to get there first before their competitors.

They use software apps notifying them immediately of a lead coming in and they respond accordingly. 

They have automatic responses for after-hours calls to keep the prospective patient engaged until they can contact them first thing in the morning.

Convert callers to appointments

Their front desk staff has the voice and people skills to bond quickly with callers who are calling around trying to figure out which practice to visit.

They have scripts to keep them focused on the most important information to gather so the call does NOT become a 20-minute consultation with the caller NOT booking. 

Convert consultations to paid procedures

This is where the rubber meets the road. Their coordinator is trained and knows how to wrap it up and ask for the decision without pushing or being aggressive.

They comfortably address objections and convert that prospective patient into a booked procedure and a deposit is collected.

Follow up when consultations don’t convert

Tracking Cosmetic Patient Leads - how to track leads

They have a follow up process since not everyone will book on the spot. 

Some prospective patients need more time to figure out the logistics, their current meds, and lots of other reasons they give your coordinator.

No problem. Their strategic lead tracking processes help the staff keep these leads alive and moving towards a yes. 

Track all steps in the lead processHow to Track Leads

The top practices know their numbers. Because they track the above pivotal points in the lead gen process, they can easily identify the trouble spots and address them.

They don’t have to guess or anecdotally assume the problem is with the front desk, for example, when it’s really the lead quality.

Please hear me. There’s more to this than just getting more leads. The way you win in today’s uber competitive world is to have a strong foundation so the leads coming in convert a lot more often than not. 


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