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Tracking New Patient Leads to Paid Procedures

When it comes to Tracking New Patient Leads to Paid Procedures, it starts by getting those new leads in the first place. 

This can be incredibly expensive and usually involves SEO, content marketing, social media, website revamps, directories, Google Adwords, retargeting, and more.

But leads are necessary and vital since they are the lifeblood of your practice. No leads. No practice.

So, it makes sense to put a systematic lead generation process in place so you know this is money well spent when you see your leads through to the finish line to booked procedures.

But don’t you often wonder what happened to those leads? You know you did a lot of consultations with new patients you haven’t seen before, but why haven’t you seen them again? 

Now you start asking questions: 

  • Did your staff convert them? If not, why not? 
  • Did they follow up with leads who were “on the fence”? 
  • How many times did they follow up?
  • Are they tracking these leads so they don’t vanish?

Here are strategies to help get these leads to the finish line:

Immediately Respond to New Patient Leads

The first responder wins almost every time, so figure out how to get there first before your competitors.

There are plenty of software apps to notify you immediately of an incoming lead so you can respond accordingly. 

Your response should be friendly and courteous while providing valuable information. This helps build a bond and trust so the lead agrees to your next step which is to book a consultation to learn more.

And if the lead is NOT ready to move forward, don’t give up and leave empty-handed. 

Automate When Possible AND Productive

Use automated chatbots, text and email replies, after gathering contacting information from leads.

This will help streamline the response process and ensure leads get a quick response while saving you time. 

However, there is a balance between saving time for you AND giving the prospective patient what they want. 

Think about the “Phone Tree from Hell” all consumers have experienced. You have a simple question you need an answer to so rather than getting a quick answer, you get the phone tree with broad choices and then you pick one and get more choices that go to an answering machine to leave a message. Ugh!

The Chatbot is quickly becoming that phone tree…only in typed words versus verbal/audio cues. 

Consumers will only put up with so much impersonal automation, that they give up and find one of your competitors who still offers the human touch. 

Design a follow up process for contingencies

It’s great when your leads say yes, yes, yes to all the steps to a paid procedure.

BUT, what happens when they don’t? 

Put a follow-up process in place for all the times the patient DOES NOT answer your questions, call you back or book at the consultation.

Some prospective patients need more time to figure out the logistics, their current meds, and lots of other reasons they give your patient coordinator.

No problem. A strategic lead tracking process helps staff keep these leads alive and moving towards a yes. 

It’s no longer necessary to guess or anecdotally assume the problem is with the front desk, for example, when it’s really the follow up process, or lack thereof.

Please hear me. There’s more to this than just getting more leads. 

The way you win in today’s uber competitive world is to have a strong lead gen process so the leads coming in convert a lot more often than not. 

Watch this video with more details and a killer special offer for me to fix your lead gen process for you. 

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