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Value of 1 New Cosmetic Patient

A typical practice spends their entire advertising budget on attracting a new cosmetic patient.

So, they throw this big net out and HOPE the consumers who see it, stop and notice and then act by calling, opting in on their website form or direct messaging them on social media.

But then they pay staff to field these “inquiries” by responding and going back and forth with the inquirer to determine if they are valid and really serious about moving forward.

But that’s just the first step. 

Staff needs to book them for an appointment and hope they show up. 

Because these inquiries don’t know you, there’s still a good chance they won’t show even if they pay a consult fee (crazy, right?)

What is the Value of 1 New Cosmetic Patient?

Or maybe they show so you and your staff spend up to an hour with them showing them around, examining them, proving you can help them, and presenting to them only to hear the dreaded,

“I gotta think about it.”

“I’ll check my schedule and call you back.”

“I need to talk to my husband.”

What the heck?!? Now what do you do? 

You either spend more valuable time running after this “loose lead” by following up and getting nowhere or you chalk it up to experience and repeat the same process over and over.

The above process is exhausting, demotivating, and plain not fun, but what else can you do?

Glad you asked 😉

Focus on Your Lowest Hanging Fruit

The faster, easier, cheaper way to attract new patients is through word of mouth. Always has been. Always will be. 

That seems so logical to me, but so often overlooked.

All your leverage is here. The prospective patient is “pre-sold” on you because someone they trust told them how great you are. 

That means these prospective patients are much more likely to show up and say yes and then refer their other friends.

Did you know we all have about a 250-person circumference in our network? Think about all the people you come in contact with directly, indirectly and/or virtually:

  • Friends
  • Friends of friends
  • Social media followers
  • Family members
  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors
  • Gym buddies
  • Club buddies
  • Hair stylist
  • Nail pro
  • Yoga pals
  • Restaurant staff
  • Accountant, banker

Not sure about this? Just go through your PAID surgical procedures and track their referral source. Usually, the stats show that HALF of them came from word-of-mouth.

If that’s true for you too, why not allocate a small percentage of your advertising budget to making that happen even more often?

That’s how you grow a successful aesthetic practice in the long term.

Watch this video on HOW you put referrals, reviews, retention, and social shares on autopilot.

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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.



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