Cosmetic Surgery Branding

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Why should patients pick you? [PDF List]

Why should patients pick you is a big decision for a prospective cosmetic patient to enhance their appearance is a big one. It involves physical, emotional and financial commitment.

But a cosmetic patient has to navigate a sea of information and emotions to find the right surgeon for them who can meet their expectations.

Patients base this WHO decision on logical reasons, emotional connection, and social proof.  That’s how the decide you are the right pick for them.

By the way, when they have all three, they are more likely to be satisfied with their surgical outcomes.

Here is a breakdown of why should patients pick you:

1. Logical 

Establish trust and credibility before the patient meets you so they feel as if they know you already when you do meet. 

That makes it so much easier for you to build a genuine, trusting connection with the patient who is trusting you and opening up to you about what they truly want, think and believe.

Cosmetic Surgery Branding

For starters, why should patients pick you is based off educational and engaging content so patients see you as the authority.

You may think they know this already, but they have never heard it directly and uniquely from you. 

Now you want to stand apart from your competitors and here’s a tip….. Don’t take for granted that patients know everything about you already. They don’t. They most likely skimmed your website or scrolled through your Instagram feed.

You must spell out, in detail, all the reasons patients should pick you.  Not sure? Then do this:

Have a brainstorming session with your team and go through this list of differentiators:

ü  Specialist in one procedure

ü  Advanced/uncommon technology

ü  You are Board Certified

ü  Attended top medical schools

ü  Affiliated with top hospitals

ü  Authored studies, white papers and clinical trials

ü  You have performed [#] of procedures

ü  Been in practice [#] of years

ü  You offer computer imaging

ü  Exceptional facility with views

ü  In-house surgical suite for patient safety, comfort, and privacy

ü  In-house lab services

ü  Superior results shown in B/A photos

ü  Rapid Recovery Plans

ü  Caring personality

ü  WOW patient experience on phone and in-person

ü  You are the first to offer a new procedure

ü  You are a media favorite

ü  Convenience or accessibility

ü  Online scheduling / Patient Portal

ü  You personally call patients night of treatment/procedure

ü  You make house calls

ü  Waiting times are short


ü  You remember patient names and details like they were family 

ü   Exceptionally friendly, professional and courteous staff

ü  Staff have experienced your procedures

ü  You ensure a pain-free treatment or procedure

ü  You are well known around your community

ü  You are an author of aesthetic book

ü  You speak at medical conferences

ü  You train other physicians

ü  Vendors make you an elite top tiered practice

ü  You sit on vendor boards

ü  You are well known in social media with a huge following

ü  You are from the town you practice in

ü  You have special credentials

ü  You belong to many professional membership societies

ü  You offer easy pay plans

ü  You include post-op care in your fees

ü  You guarantee your fees even if you go over estimated time

ü  You have evening and Saturday hours

ü  More patient online reviews

ü  More before/after photos

ü  You offer virtual consulting

Come up with even more details you can showcase that your competitors don’t, won’t or can’t. It matters to the patient who is deciding on you or someone else. These details also give them talking points when they are explaining to their loved ones why they chose you.

2. Emotional

Something I have noticed a lot when consulting with practices is that their focus is transactional more then relational.

Cosmetic Surgery Branding

 What I mean is, they have spent time on perfecting their schedule and systems but have lost sight of the patient’s feelings as they move through the practice.

Our industry is all about feelings, so we need to get to those deep, emotional reasons that a patient wants to take the step to upgrade their appearance.

Think about it in a 3-phase educational journey:

Step 1: Highlight the emotional benefits of cosmetic surgery. Not only will you feel comfortable in your appearance, but you’ll see your self-esteem and confidence skyrocket. Then, place them mentally in a relatable social situation and highlight just how much of a boost they will have post-surgery!

Step 2: Tie the emotional benefits to the physical. The physical reasons for cosmetic surgery often manifest from emotional struggles, so solidify those emotional benefits by walking through the physical – correcting symmetry, reversing aging, and enhancing features.

Think beyond the “You’ll love your look!” and consider cultural moments, such as the holiday family photos or taking selfies with their friends.

Step 3: Explore the transformational change they will experience.

Now, look to the future and discuss what their life will look like after they invest in cosmetic surgery.

Lean on past patients’ experiences and how their cosmetic surgery has helped them enjoy their new life!

When you can craft a story that starts from the inside, you’ll increase the chance of compelling the potential patient to consider having cosmetic surgery with you since you better understand them then others do. And that is why patients should pick you over the competitors out there.

This is a new lease on life we’re talking about, so it matters!

3. Social Proof

You must provide excellent patient care and results. You are a skilled and trained professional who cares deeply about helping patients reclaim their confidence and comfort.

It’s imperative you have a stockpile of results that prove your skill and expertise. Patients need to see, hear and feel results, as well as the feelings of others who have gone before them.

This gives them the proffs and reassurance they will also have the same experience and transformation.

So, make sure your results are brag worthy. 

Make it a point to ask your patients if you can use their photos, give you a google review and/or shoot a fun video with you asking them about their experience and results.

Then go above and beyond to provide the ultimate level of service and care daily. As you build a reputation for providing exceptional service, your patients will sing your praises.

These “raving fans” will soon become your greatest advocates and create a funnel of new patients who line up at the door.

Word of mouth sells best! Remember, your best advertisements aren’t the ads you buy – but the successful patient photos, reviews and testimonials you’ve collected over time.

Then provide excellent patient experiences over (and over, and over!) 

Consistency and Creativity Sell Cosmetic Surgery

You are promoting both the service and the surgeon creatively and consistently so would-be patients choose you.

If you need a bit more help crafting the story of who you are as a surgeon, don’t wait – reach out to me and learn how you can add proven methods and techniques. 

I’ve helped numerous surgeons expand their practices with tools and methods that I’ve crafted in my own experience. Sign up for a strategy call today….

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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.


Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

Catherine is a business/marketing consultant to plastic surgeons. She speaks at medical conferences all over the world on practice building, marketing and the business side of plastic surgery. Get a Free Copy of her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying View Author Profile.

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