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It’s never been more important than right now to get strategic about growing your aesthetic practice. You can’t leave anything to chance and you certainly can’t “ride out” the slow times because you’ll never get going again. The best of the best set up automatic systems to ensure a healthy and consistent flow of aesthetic patients by focusing on:

·        Attracting patients

·        Converting patients to say yes

·        Returning patients so they don’t wander off

·        Referring their friends and family

Brainstorm with your staff to creatively come up with ideas for each area. For example, how could you attract more patients? Well, you can align yourself with the high-end hair salon down the block, you can test Facebook ads, you can send out a reverse-Groupon letter to your current patients, you can have a friendly staff contest and so on.

There’s no limit to the creative ideas to grow your aesthetic practice when you think creatively.


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