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The fastest and easiest way to increase your revenues is to replicate your successes again and again.

Go through your database and study your accounts receivable carefully.  You’ll see certain pockets of positive results that you can get more of, if you simply put some effort into promoting them.  The point is to play off your home runs to then get more of them.

Look for trends. Which are your most popular procedures performed? Which procedures are the most profitable (taking into account how much of your own time is involved)?

Study your patient demographics.  You will see trends in age, gender, marital status, home ownership, children, education level, occupation and income.  You’re not judging these folks.  You’re simply learning the type of patient who is most likely to be attracted to you for certain procedures.

By the way, if you don’t like the trends you come up with, you need to change your marketing to attract who you do want as your preferred patient.


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