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What You Don’t Know About the
Cosmetic Patient Can Cost You Dearly

Your Aesthetic Practice by Catherine

Author, Your Aesthetic Practice

  • Discover why some patients say yes to you and others don’t. (You’ll be surprised at the answer);
  • Learn what could you have done differently to get the prospective patient to say YES to you rather than, “I’ll think about it”;
  • See how easy it is for you stand out as the obvious choice when being compared to your competitors and so much more…


The answers are in my popular book where I interviewed cosmetic patients of all demographics to find out what they want from you and what it will take for them to decide you are the BEST CHOICE over all other choices.

You are busy and barely have time to run your practice so I kept this book direct and succinct. There is no fluff. There are only insights and strategies to help guide you through the mind of the aesthetic patient.

And, this book includes lots of money-making marketing ideas that are easy to execute.

Use this as part of your staff training to ensure everyone on your team understands the mindset of the cash-paying patient.

Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback –