Challenge of Promoting a Service vs. a Product

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You, the aesthetic physician is in a tough position when it comes to promoting aesthetic services.  You don’t have a product your patient can hold, touch and feel.  You don’t have a product she can use all of her senses to see, feel, hear, taste and touch a tangible product to then determine its value to her.

With an intangible service such as aesthetic enhancement, she can’t “see” the quality of your materials or the effort that went into the details of producing the finished piece which is the result she gets.

Since the aesthetic patient can’t see the excellence of your expertise and cannot touch or feel the superiority and knowledge that will go into the aesthetic service you will provide her, you are at a disadvantage.

The aesthetic patient has to go by proof such as photos, testimonials, your credentials, celebrity, your office, your shoes, your greeting, your staff and any other detailed detective work she can do to give her clues to help her determine if you are the right physician for her to give her what she wants.

Give her as much social proof as you can so she can comfortably and confidently choose you over all others.


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