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Topic: My Botox Patients Are So Cheap!

Business woman thinking about dollar currency on grey backgroundDear Catherine,

I have a group of patients who come in for the “Barest of Botox” and that’s it. They get their 10-20 units of Botox and are so focused on the smallest amount they can spend, that it frustrates me. I didn’t spend all of this time and trouble building a cosmetic practice only to discuss why a patient should really want to spend an extra $100 to get a better result. It’s affecting my mood and attitude when I spend time with these patients. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Dr. D

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. D,

Thanks for a great question and, NO, you’re not the only one feeling like this.  It IS frustrating to be ‘nickeled and dimed” all day when you are offering high-quality aesthetic services for a fair price. It makes you not want to do what you do because you don’t feel like you’re being fairly compensated.

Because we both know it’s not about the $100. It’s about the years of training and experience, sleepless nights, and angst you went through to get here and you want to be financially rewarded for it, right?

Here’s the easy answer first: 

Look at your marketing and advertising efforts to determine where these “cheapo” patients are coming from. You are doing something to attract them so just stop doing that. Especially your mass advertising efforts because if you lead with price, you get price-shoppers. The less you cater to them, the less they will show up in your office.

Here’s the more difficult answer: 

Today’s reality is that cosmetic patients have choice – LOTS of choice. For you to rise above your competitors, you need some compelling reason or angle for stranger patients to choose you over all the others. Before dropping your prices, consider these approaches to rise above your competitors:

Screenshot 2015-01-26 23.29.03Be the Expert

You spend a fortune and tons of time to become an expert at a cosmetic procedure. You write and speak, lecture and train colleagues so you are seen as THE EXPERT. That should lead to referrals from colleagues, media exposure and credibility. There are still a good percentage of patients who want the Best and will pay dearly for it.


Be a Funny Personality               

Develop a personality and use humor in your social media, website,and videos to show you’re a normal person who can relate to patients so they are comfortable with you. This can work well for a certain demographic of patients who base their decision on how personable you are. (Warning: this can backfire if you are too funny or
not funny enough);


Be the BEST Service Provider

You conduct a WOW patient experience from beginning to end with this new patient so they are blown away by the feelings of how “special” they felt while interacting with you and your staff in person and on the phone.

They are so impressed with your service, they return, refer you to their friends, family and colleagues and give you excellent reviews so OTHER new prospective patients see them on the Internet and call you, too, so they also can experience a WOW patient-experience.

The point is to decide NOW who you want to be seen as in your marketplace AND who your preferred patient is and then cater to them.


What’s your strategy now for your branding YOU?

Is it working and getting you your Preferred Patients?

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