Top 5 Money Makers
In Your Cosmetic Practice

Do you have ALL 5 of these essential money-making operations in place?

If you miss any of these 5 key elements, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table…..
often several HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.

You’re working too hard because you’re not looking at the bigger picture. So, you waste, time, money and effort needlessly and wonder why you feel burnt out and frustrated.

The biggest problem holding you back is your narrow focus on “getting more leads“. You might be throwing a ton of money at SEO, Google Adwords, social advertising, and directories OR you’re spending a ton of time creating content for your Instagram and Facebook followers.

Yes, it’s exciting to get lots of leads and comments but here’s the kicker…

Leads are only one part of it.

These leads need to be converted because if you can’t monetize these leads, then you’re throwing money down the drain.
However, if you KNOW how to monetize the leads through the other 4 key elements mentioned above, then you can run circles around your competitors.

The solution is for me to analyze your data and current lead generation processes to determine if they are as solid as you think or if money is leaking out of your practice and you don’t even know it.

You’ll discover through my findings:

See what other surgeons say about working with me:

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

"Since engaging with Catherine, I’m happy to report that revenues are up 15% over the last three months - 22% in the last month alone! I highly recommend Catherine’s consulting services to any practice looking for “best practice” additions to their operation."

Robert Sigal

Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

"Our consult conversions were running at 40-50%. Then we attended Catherine’s online training and implemented her strategies. They immediately increased conversion rates to 75-80%."

Anthony Corrado

Corrado Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

"The changes we put in place and the staff training to convert more callers and consultations will easily increase my revenues by 15% as well as save us time, money, and costly mistakes. This has been a profitable and practice-changing investment that I wholeheartedly endorse for any surgeon who is ready to step up their game"

Evan Sorokin

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Here’s what I propose….

You get my “Patient Attraction and Conversion Booster Plan” which increases your conversions by 15% within 60 days or your money back.

Here is what is included in this two-week package:

This is a time-sensitive offer because I want you to get results so you no longer live in frustration of poor quality leads and wasted hours in consults that don’t book.


Regularly $5,000
Limited time offer only $2,497

This offer is too good to last so you only have 24 hours to take advantage of my expertise. After that, it goes back to my regular fees of $5,000.

Let’s take care of this now so you no longer……

……Struggle day to day in disappointment and frustration
      because you don’t see the results you want

…….Work too hard on consults that don’t book

…….Lose money for no good reason….now that you have
      me as your solution!  

Staff execution

Attracting new cosmetic patients online has become a big expensive challenge for surgeons like yourself so it’s time to fight back by having your lead gen processes in tip-top shape.