Your cosmetic consults won’t Convert…Now What?

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You thought you had a great consultation with your prospective patient, Sara.

She seemed to get along well with your staff, you thought you had a good consultation with her because she asked a lot of questions and you had a good connection…at least you thought you did.

So you meet with your coordinator later that day and learn that Sara ended up saying, I gotta think about it” and walked out the door.

Then you find out later in the week that your coordinator couldn’t get Sara to respond to her email or call to see if Sara was ready to move forward.

So, Sara is dropped in the “dead leads” file.

You move onto the next consultation that you hope converts and the cycle continues…

Why Didn’t Sara Book?

Since cosmetic rejuvenation is a very personal as well as emotional decision, there are all sorts of reasons why the prospective patient didn’t book….

  • Maybe the downtime was too much for her.
  • Maybe she couldn’t afford it or didn’t have a way to comfortably pay for it, or
  • Maybe she had other consultations scheduled with your competitors, or…

….a dozen other benign things could have happened that had nothing to do with you.

It could have had everything to do with her frame of mind at the time that prevented her from moving forward.

You just don’t know.

The point is people change, their moods change and their circumstances change, so you can never assume anything.

What Do You Do When You Can’t 
Convert the Consultation?

Rather than hope the patient calls you back when they ARE ready, here’s a really effective proactive strategy to get you closer to the finish line:

The first thing to do is set up the next step NOW while the prospective patient is still in front of your coordinator, have her book a day and time she will be calling them back. This way, they are expecting the call and more likely to give you feedback.

The second thing to do is to immediately have your coordinator send them a handwritten thank you note with skin care product samples that same day so they get it right away…. (have preprinted cards, envelopes and stamps ready to go).

Click Here for the Free Template 

 Follow Up Template

When you go the extra mile using this Follow Up Thank You note card template, you’ll be seen you as more professional and caring than your competitors who don’t bother doing this.

The prospective patient is also much more likely to take your call,choose you or at least let you know where you stand so you don’t waste time.

Here’s the point….Successful cosmetic practices do what others won’t or don’t so all I ask is that you try this for 2 weeks and let me know how much better your conversions are.

Talk soon –