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This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

I stopped advertising in the social magazine in my community since too many of my competitors were in there so I was just wasting money.

I tried Ad-words with a company who charged me $5K per month but I couldn’t get a good-enough result to justify the expense.

What the heck are other practices doing to attract new cosmetic patients?


Dr. W

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. W,

That’s a great question that every practice has to deal with.

It’s getting more and more difficult to get the attention of new cosmetic patients so where do you invest to attract new cosmetic patients to your practice?

Cosmetic Patient Advertising

Henry Ford

To help you get a better response from your mass advertising efforts, you have to know what successful marketers know (I assure you, most of your PPC and print ad sales people have no idea how to market for a result).

What I lay out here is valuable for you to see why your advertising works or falls flat.

Even Henry Ford said he knew half of every dollar he spent on advertising was wasted. He just didn’t know which half!

Once you know the tested and proven marketing fundamentals, you can apply them to all of your advertising efforts and watch your results catapult.

This is not theory. This has been proven over and over for decades and then perfected by me for our own aesthetic industry.

Here is what every promotional piece needs for you to get a result:

  • Focus on one message (procedure or theme) at a time
  • Limit who sees it so you don’t waste money and you get more of the most-likely prospective patients to see it (age, geography, interests)
  • Killer headline to grab their attention so they continue to read, watch or click
  • Compelling Copy that talks about the cosmetic patient and what THEY want
  • Special Offer they can’t refuse to get them to act now AND so you can track results
  • Strong call to action – what do you want them to do? Spell it out clearly!

To put this into context, here are practical examples to learn from:

Pay-Per-Click/PPC Adwords

Here are 6 practices advertising liposuction. They bid high enough that they got on the first page of the search which is good but now they need to get the “googler” to click on their ad which is no easy task because there is so much choice.

Cosmetic Patient AdvertisingYou’ll notice every one of them listed price which is a challenge if yours is more expensive than the other guy’s. The most compelling headline was “Affordable Liposuction” but ironically, it turned out to be the most expensive.

Compelling copy was the second ad that says:

“Transform your body in 1 visit. Be back home within a few hours.

But keep in mind, “I” thought that was compelling copy but someone else may never get that far because all they saw were the prices.

Facebook Ad

Facebook is FUNSo here’s a Facebook ad. FB has strict rules about photos and copy you can use because they do not allow you to make anyone feel bad about their appearance.

See how this ad doesn’t try to sell liposuction. It just offers a report to LEARN about lipo but then you need to set up a sophisticated back-end nurturing sales funnel to follow up when a “facebooker” clicks on it.

Another challenge is that FB is a FUN site people go to to be entertained – NOT to be sold to.

So what are the chances prospective patients are going to stop – notice – click and respond to your ad? Not good which is why you have to spend a lot of money for a ton of these ads to repeatedly show up since this is a numbers game.

Billboard Ad

The last one is old school. It’s a billboard. I’m using it to illustrate the same rules apply no matter what media channel you’re using.

It’s eye-catching for sure and the copy is compelling but I’m not loving the call to action because it’s not very strong.

How many people will drive the highway, look up at a billboard, pick up the phone and call a random phone number? I’m guessing not many so I would have suggested they include the Website so the prospective patient could learn more before calling.Billboard Ad

Does this help you think more like a consumer so you can improve your own marketing efforts? I hope so.

If you want me to critique one of your marketing pieces for Free, Click Here and I’ll give you my two cents.


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