Do You Have a Cosmetic Patient Deterrent Department?

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Some plastic surgery practices have staff that act like a cosmetic patient deterrent department.

It’s difficult to believe but your staff’s demeanor is getting almost as important as your surgical skills. Crazy!Your staff is as important as the surgery.

The social media world has changed everything. Patients now feel the need to share their every thought, experience (and meal) with everyone else.

This median has also given a voice to disgruntled patients. So rather than complain to you directly about shoddy service they may have received from your staff, they prefer to yell from the rooftops to anyone else who will listen.

BUT, before we discount all badmouthing, ask yourself, “could there be any truth to it?” Be honest:

  • Staff is as important as the surgery.Do you leave patients waiting too long in the reception area or the exam room?
  • Do you rush and not allow enough time for the patient to ask questions?
  • Do you change patients appointments to suit your own schedule?
  • Do you delay calling back patients who have more questions?

If so, here’s what you do…

Have a meeting with your staff, read the reviews to them and then open it up for discussion.

But don’t go back to the past.
Talk about the future.

How are each one of you going to improve the patient experience?
Better yet, do this exercise:

  • Think of one patient you all like… i.e., “Sue”
  • Have someone be “Sue” and have her walk through your entire patient experience from the time she calls all the way through to her post-op appointment.

One staff person “sees” Sue’s experience.
One staff person “feels” Sue’s experience.
One staff person “hears” Sue’s experience.

We are talking details here. Because the devil is always in the details. Cosmetic patients can be petty so dig into every touch point and find ways to perfect them for a 5-star experience.

Also display signage in the staff room to remind the staff how valuable they are to your success:

Patients don’t remember what you told them.
Patients don’t remember what you showed them.
But patients do remember how you made them feel.


Download my “New Surgery Patient Visit Process Quick Reference Guide for a Successful Patient Visit” for more ideas.

What are you currently doing to ensure a great patient experience?

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