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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question:

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials [Part 2 of 2]

Last week, I had a question from a doctor who was uncomfortable asking his patients for testimonials so I gave him several strategies to help.

This week, I talk about clever ways to use the patient testimonials now that you have them.
Below you will see how you attract new cosmetic patients using your current patients’ stories and photos…

Catherine’s Answer:

Ok, the hard part is done. You got the cosmetic patient testimonials in writing as well as on video and they even consented to showing their before/after photos. Now what?

Now you strategically get those patient testimonials working for you so OTHER prospective
cosmetic patients see them and choose you.  Here’s what works well:

◊  Start a “What Are Patients are Saying” column in your newsletter and highlight
a patient’s story along with their photos, as well as an invitation for them to come in
for their own customized consultation to get a similar result.

*Not a Real Patient

◊  Add them to your Website BUT placement is important. The bleph testimonial should go on the bleph page, the facelift testimonial on the facelift page and so on.

◊  Replace those phony “model” graphics on your Website with real, live patient photos along with their stories and videos. It’s so much more compelling and credible coming straight from your patients who love you and love their result.

◊  Invite them to your events so they can talk with your other patients considering the same procedure they had. There is nothing more compelling than a face-to-face, walking-talking testimonial standing right in front of prospective patients.

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials

◊ See if your patient is willing to talk about it in their social media channels. Some won’t but some will so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

◊ Use real-live patient stories and photos in your ads and in your in-house signage. Run your patient video testimonials on an iPad or flat panel screen in your consulting room where the prospective patient is waiting to meet with you.

◊ Thank You Photo Notes

Present your patient’s before/after photos to them in a beautiful thank you note that you have signed and written, “Thank you for your trust”. Of course, it also includes your name, website and phone number as well as two of your business cards with your menu of services listed on them. Your patient is now going to be compelled to show her closest friends her photos and your name will obviously come up and the business card will act as a reminder to call you.

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