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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question:

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials [Part 1 of 2]

Dear Catherine,

You talk a lot about patient testimonials and social proof and I understand how important they are. The problem is we are terrible at getting them. I don’t want to pressure my patients in giving me testimonials and my staff is uncomfortable asking so we don’t get many.

We also have a heck of a time getting the “after” photos because my patients don’t come back in for their post-op appointments.

Give me an easy way to get patient testimonials so the patients, the staff and me are all comfortable with the process.

Dr. F

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. F,

The reason I talk so much about cosmetic patient testimonials and social proof is because your prospective patients are wary. They want to hear from your other patients and see your work BEFORE they consider the next step.

That’s why social media has taken off. And And Reviews. And, platforms like We live in a very skeptical society and people are hungry for real, live, other people JUST LIKE THEM to tell them about their own
experience and results.

Cosmetic patient testimonials don’t need to be a hassle or uncomfortable. Actually, they should be a fun part of your practice because this is where your patients get to brag about their result AND you.

Here are easy ways to get testimonials:

1. Strike While the Iron is Hot

Timing is everything. When the cosmetic patient is standing in front of you and gushing about their result and how happy they are with you, THAT’S when you simply say,

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials

“Sara, thanks so much for the kind words. Would you do me a favor? You know how important patient testimonials are. Others would be interested in what you have to say so would you mind writing down what you just told me or, better yet, can we shoot a quick video? I would really appreciate that and it would help so many others trying to make the decision you made.”




2. Get Them to Return for Their Post-Op Visit

The irony is that the happy patient is LESS LIKELY to come back because….they’re happy! All is well and they are moving on with their lives. That’s why you have to try harder with this patient.

Just being authentic and genuine with your patients will prompt them to take the time to help you out… especially because they are ecstatic about their result and you want to get that emotion on video.

Call them and invite them back for a few reasons:

1) You want to see how they’re doing;
2) Offer them a facial treatment such as a quick and easy peel as well as a makeup
refresh so they can return to their busy day; and
3) Ask them if they are open to giving you a video testimonial during their visit
(this eliminates the objection they didn’t “primp” beforehand).

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials

Cosmetic Patient Testimonials

How to get a good video testimonial:

Help your patient help you. If they are articulate and excited and comfortable in front of your iphone/ipad, let ‘em go and talk! If they are not, help them. Do it “interview style”. Have another staff person hold the iphone/ipad and videotape you
asking the patient questions such as:

– What was bothering you?
– Why did you choose us?
– What was your experience like?
– How do you feel about your result?

This not only gives you the social proof you’re looking for, it solidifies your patient’s feelings about their experience and may even prompt them to share it on social media sites.

3. Send Flowers
The easiest way to get testimonials without asking is to send flowers thanking them for choosing you, referring to you and for cheering them up if they have downtime.

It compels the patient to thank you in return and say nice things about you. It’s quick, easy and comfortable for everyone.

Here’s what you do if/when they thank you for your consideration:

If they CALL YOU to thank you –zZr-u8tUGXJjFCh8-CkPEg1brQQYcHlPY4KaObldB8o
Encourage them to set up their post-op appointment right then (See #2)

Thank them and invite them in (See #2).

If they WRITE YOU a thank you note –
Call to thank them and invite them in (See #2).



Scan and upload these written notes to your Website so your Website visitors see how much your patients love you!

This post is getting long so it’s now Part 1 of 2. Part 2 will cover what you want to do with these testimonials so your current prospective patients see them AS WELL AS NEW prospective patients who don’t know you…YET!


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