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The easiest decision for your cosmetic patients to make is the one made AFTER their initial decision to choose you for aesthetic rejuvenation.

In other words, if they have already said yes to you, they are much more likely to continue to say yes if offered additional services.

This one concept can increase your revenues from 10-30% without you spending one extra dime on marketing. It just takes strategy and creativity.

Do your patients know ALL you have to offer?

If you have ever heard a patient say to you, “I didn’t know you did that”, its time for you to review your promotional efforts because you are not getting all you can from your cosmetic patients.

A cosmetic patient who wants to look their best (and feel great) is open to all sorts of procedures and treatments you offer…but they have to know about them.

Here are 3 easy ways to cross sell your cosmetic services:

Help them Heal

When a Botox/Filler treatment leaves bruises, offer to do a quick laser procedure to help minimize the bruising and speed up the healing.

Not only are you showing you care, you’re also cross promoting your laser procedures.

Signature Treatment

Devise your own signature treatment that turns back the clock for your more mature patients who want rejuvenation but are not yet ready for surgery.

Combine several different services into one package with a special combination price. Show how much it would cost separately so they see the savings.

Not only will they get a better result, they cannot pull the package apart and price shop it with your competitors. Here’s an example:

This also builds great patient loyalty because they’ll get a great result and come back for more.

Thank You Gift Cards

Oftentimes, your patients come to you for one procedure but go elsewhere for others. They might not have a good reason for doing that other than it didn’t dawn on them to choose you for other procedures.

In today’s crazy busy world, you can simplify their lives by becoming their “one-stop-shop” for all of their aesthetic rejuvenation needs.

Next time they visit, hand them a thank you card with a gift certificate to try a new procedure they haven’t had before.

For example….

– Skin Care patients get a gift card to experience Botox

– Botox patients get a gift card to experience Filler

– Filler patients get a gift card to experience skin tightening and so on.

I recommend you implement the above strategies right away and brainstorm as a team for additional ideas to help your patients look great while you increase your bottom line revenues.

Cross selling services is a win-win for you AND your patients.

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