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I’ve been in a Masters Academy of Surgeon’s Meeting for two days and wanted to unwind with a massage in this swanky hotel where we’ve been staying. A couple of hours before my appointment, I get a call from the receptionist saying the masseuse is having car trouble and will be half hour late. Ok, sure, no problem, things happen. Then I get there and all is well and I’m half way through my massage when the masseuse and I both hear someone outside the room screaming and sobbing. It was so bad, we decide the masseuse should stop my massage and investigate and she comes back and says I don’t know what’s going on but it’s the receptionist on the phone. We finish the massage which is now not that great and I go out to pay and the receptionist is calmly sitting there and I asked her if that was her I heard and what was going on (I assumed she had just heard about Whitey Houston) and she casually says, “Oh, someone was upset and then says how was your massage.” So I say it was great until I heard all the commotion and she says, “Well, working at a spa is not it’s all cracked up to be!” What The ?!*#

Then to top it off, she says she needs a different credit card and I have to go upstairs to my room to check my bank balances on my cell and run back down to tell her there’s plenty on the card so she runs it again and says, “Ok, you’re good. Thanks.”

What’s amazing is for the past 3 days, I have worked with more than 20 employees at this hotel who helped me with my meeting and this one little, young, drama queen at the end of my visit has tarnished what was otherwise a great experience. It’s reminding me how lightly some physicians treat the importance of their front desk staff. Crazy…

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