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First, define your perfect patient.  If you could handpick the patient you most want to fill your reception area, who would they be in terms of age, geography, gender, income, and socioeconomic such as married, with or without kids, professional or stay-at-home moms and so on.

Now you need to survey them to learn specifically where they go for information.  Learn what they read, watch, listen to and visit on the internet.  Learn if they belong to certain groups, attend certain events and hang in certain corners.  Once you have this information, you know where you need to focus your efforts.

You may learn the majority of your patients still read your local newspaper every morning so advertise your in-house seminars until the response diminishes.  You may also learn the young mothers in your area are all on one e-newsletter that is circulated amongst them weekly, so you really want a banner ad there.

It is important to track all of your results by conversion rates since they can be misleading.  You may get several calls but they don’t convert to appointments.  You may get prospective patients to visit you but not book.  That is a clue that something is wrong – your message, your market, your media, or the way your staff is interacting with the patient. So, you’ll want to test, track and tweak.

Sorry to say it, but advertising today is a moving target and one ad does not fit all patients; however, if you held a gun to my head and made me pick one medium – it would be the internet.  I would work with professional SEO experts who can back-end code your website to help ensure you get ranked by Google and then set up a system to work those internet leads so they pay off.


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