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How many times have you heard, “I Didn’t Know You Did That”?  How much has that cost you in real dollars that went to your competitor instead because they were clearer about their offerings?

For example, you could have a patient visiting you for liposuction but not realize you could also help them reshape their nose they can’t stand. Or, a patient can come to you for a tummy tuck and not realize you could also take care of their varicose veins.

If you counted up the lost dollars that are walking out the door, it would most likely be in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But that’s not all.  You are risking the chance that patient will never return again because they have found a new home – with some other practice!

Never take for granted what you think your patients know about you.  Display eye-catching menu of services posters, run digital photo frames, include procedure descriptions in your on-hold messaging, and anything else you can think of to ensure you never hear the dreaded, “I Didn’t Know You Did That”.


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