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Most aesthetic physicians I’ve worked with have distaste for marketing. They feel they are above it. They feel they shouldn’t have to prove themselves to anyone. They also prefer to delegate the task of marketing to someone else. However, once you understand the difference between marketing and advertising, it becomes obvious that the persons truly qualified to “market” your practice are you and your staff.

There is a huge difference with marketing and advertising. Advertising is someone standing on a corner motioning to the passerby to come take a look at what they’re selling. It’s the effort you put into getting your telephone to ring.
Marketing is everything that follows after the telephone rings. Such as how the receptionist handles the call, you introducing yourself, your sincere interest in the patient, your office’s appearance, its sounds and smells, the mannerisms of staff and, of course, the quality of care.

Promoting your aesthetic practice is an essential, integral necessity that’s very much a part of aesthetic medicine today, especially with greater competition growing every day, whether it’s through TV, cable, radio, print, direct mail or internet marketing.

Advertising is most effective when combining education and then an introduction to you, your staff and your facilities. One strategy is to use video about you, your staff and your office to professionally promote you. Add it to your website, add it to other vendor portals and show it in your office. Such a strategy becomes a more efficient promotion model with elements of both advertising and marketing.

Just know advertising is the first part of your success. Marketing is everything after that that will truly build your successful aesthetic practice.

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Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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