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A plastic surgeon client was complaining to me the other day that his colleague was doing more surgeries than he was.
He was frustrated because he KNEW he was way more qualified and skilled than this other guy.
He had been in the area longer than this other guy.

And, to top it off, his prices were even better than this other guy’s.
So, why was “the other guy” doing better than him?
The answer is simple and complicated…

The simple answer is the other guy somehow positioned himself as the “Best Surgeon” over the others in his area.

So now, he is seen as different and that can mean better in the eyes of the prospective patients. That means he can charge more. When he charges more, he has more budget to spend on things that help him stand out.

For example, he can afford stellar staff, a killer Website and he can offer top-notch customer service.  He also has more resources to spread his word to a larger audience so even more prospective patients think he’s the best.

The more complicated part of the answer to the question above is HOW he did that in such a competitive marketplace.

How Competitive is it?

Before I get into the How, here are stats to give you an idea of just how competitive it’s gotten and how much CHOICE the aesthetic patient has:

–       6,882 plastic surgeons in the US (USNews.com/health)
–       6,580 ASPS members (Plastic & Recon Surgeons)
–       2,600 ASAPS members (Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)
–       2,700 AAFPRS members (Plastic & Recon Facial Surgeons)
–       2,000 AACS members (Non-core specialties)
–       16,000 Dermatologists (10-20% offering Cosmetic Services)
–       2,100 Medi-Spas

** Wikipedia says 60,000 physicians today are offering aesthetic cash services (so it must be true).

The bottom line is, it’s time to Differentiate or Die.

That is actually the title of a very good business book written by branding expert Jack Trout.  He says the only way to survive in our era of killer competition is to be different than your competitors.

Because the opposite of that is to appear the same as all the others and that will kill your success and your profits.

So, how do you differentiate YOU from your competitors offering similar cosmetic procedures?

The Top 3 Strategies to pull you out of the herd and to the top of the mountain are:

Strategy 1) Showcase your skills and talents better than the others

Your prospective patients want and NEED to know you are a skilled professional and they will have peace of mind they will get a good result they’re happy with. For example, if you’re an expert at a certain procedure and your patients have gotten WOW results, highlight that in your materials. Here’s a secret: While your competitors brand themselves as generalists, patients want specialists. So, by promoting one of your top skills, you stand out.

Strategy 2)  Develop better relationships with your patients

Your patients will NOT remember what you TOLD them.

Your patients will NOT remember what you SHOWED them.

Your patients WILL remember how you made them FEEL.

Strategy 3)  Promote YOU more strategically

Your prospective patients will most likely do a google search using your name so they can get a sense of who you are, your values, your work and what others say about you.  So, what will they learn about you?

Success in the aesthetic rejuvenation world is closely linked to your reputation and what others are saying about you so you’ll want to monitor it closely.  You’ll also want to control what’s being said about you as much as possible.

I will go into these 3 strategies in much greater detail on my next Webinar so join me for the time zone that works best for you:

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