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Once you lower your prices, it’s nearly impossible to increase them again without losing patients so I don’t recommend offering temporary discounts.  You are always better off adding value instead.  Patients love a good deal but it doesn’t have to be a cheap price.  Bundling services to add more value is a great strategy.  For example, free sunscreen with every laser treatment or every laser hair removal leg package comes with a free underarm treatment.   This way the patient gets a little something extra and you keep your profit margins up.

Another great strategy is to offer a special price for a very limited time for a very specific reason so the patient knows this is special.  For example, if the patient can have surgery on a Wednesday during a certain month, they can save $500 on the OR room since it’s less on a Wednesday than a Friday during that month.  Or, a special Birthday Gift Card your patient can use to look their best on their special day and it includes a tight expiration date.  The point is for your patient to feel as if they got great value.  If you discount, make it feel special rather than random or ‘cheap’.


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