Don’t Let the Lazy Days of Summer Melt Your Profits Part 1 of 3

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Summer is heating up but your phones don’t have to cool down if you put creative strategies in place to keep your patients coming back throughout the summer and the entire year.

Just because your practice surgeries may slow down during the summer months, doesn’t mean your patients are necessarily on hiatus from ALL aesthetic enhancement – just some of it.

The good news is your aesthetic patients want to look good now and next month and next season.  While they may not be interested in some of your services now because they are in a bathing suit and shorts for the next three months, they could very well be interested in other treatments and procedures that would keep them looking great on their vacation and at family barbecues.

Granted, summer is not the perfect time for your patients to clamor for surgery. Now that the weather is nice, they are not dying to hide away at home to recover from liposuction surgery. They want to be outside, playing in shorts and bathing suits.

So while they may be holding off on body surgical procedures, they have plenty of other concerns they want to address during this season.

Injectables are Hot!
No matter what the weather, aesthetic patients always need a touch up on their Botox and fillers.  Weddings, summer cook-outs, weekends at the country club, friend and family get-togethers are all motivators for your patients to want to smooth their sun-squints, fill in their facial lines and plump up their lips.

The beauty of these minimally-invasive procedures is you can have them done anytime with minimal or zero downtime so they don’t interfere with your patients’ busy summer schedules.  It will not only keep your patients looking good, it will also give you an opportunity to spend more time with them.  That will help solidify your relationship with them so they return to you for more extensive when the timing is right.


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