Don’t Let the Lazy Days of Summer Melt Your Profits Part 3 of 3

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More Strategies for You to Get Through a Profitable Summer

Summer Skin Series
Let your skin care staff do the heavy lifting during the summer while you sit back and relax.  Have them conduct Summer Fun Events in your office for small groups of patients and their friends. They learn about cool ways to have beautiful skin during the hot days of summer.

Your staff can demonstrate peels and microdermasion, they can explain how to change makeup for summer tans, how to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun, etc.  Your vendors would love to help with this so get them involved.

You can be available afterwards to field any questions or to just be available for 1-on-1 time with patients who want to say hello to you.  This could be just what they needed to seriously reconsider that surgery and book it for the fall.

Take Advantage of the Summer Slow Down
Every day I hear doctors and staff complain that they have no time to get anything done.  A slow period can be a blessing in disguise; a time when you can catch up on all the training, planning, and cleaning that can’t get done during busy months.

If things quiet down in your office during the summer months, this is the perfect time for you and your staff to “sharpen your saw”.  Hold staff training sessions and go over phone skills, patient relations protocols and procedural FAQ’s.  Do role-playing and fun contests to help them learn pertinent information.  Brainstorm with your entire team how you can be even better with your processes so your patients get that WOW experience during and in between visits.

Or, use this slow time to clean, organize files, throw out unnecessary storage boxes, repaint and anything else that normally doesn’t get done because you are so busy.  If you decide to do a renovation, that can be a great reason to contact your patients in late summer, early fall and invite them to see the new ‘face’ of your practice.

Since other businesses are often slow through summer, it’s a great time to connect or reconnect with them. Pool your resources to email and mail co-marketing pieces to both of your databases to cross-sell each other’s services.  Include very exclusive Sizzlin’ Summer Special Offers that are only good for a very limited time.

Spread the Word
Spread your message by starting broadly.  Add new in-house signage, mention it on your phone greeting, explain it in your next email message and design an eye-catching banner for your Website.

Use these lazy days of summer to catapult your revenues, your relationships with your patients and your resolve to have the best trained staff ever!   And don’t forget your sunscreen!


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