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You have probably felt the pressure to lower your prices during these tough times – I know I have – but you want to re-think that strategy.

The pure price-buyer is thinking about only one thing and that is “How can I squeeze every discount and freebie out of this practice before I say yes?”  They will haggle and spend your staff’s time going back and forth so by the time they are done, nobody is happy except the frugal patient.  They are perfectly content knowing you didn’t make a profit off of them and now they’ll tell their other penny-pitching friends to visit and do the same.  Is that what you want?  I don’t think so.

In case you’re not convinced, here are other reasons to let these thrifty patients go (especially to your competitors):

  • –  They take up all your time:  they will beat you up on price and then want to think about it so they can beat you up some more later.  Now they are wasting your time and money.
  • –  They do all the complaining because they learned long ago the squeaky wheel gets the oil so now they are unpleasant as well as cheap.
  • –  They drive off your good customers because they bring negativity to your office and infect you and your staff so you are not at your best for your best patients.
  • –  If they came for price, they will leave for price so do you really want to work with this fickle consumer?

A much better strategy is to see less patients but spend more time and energy on your most loyal, affluent patients who understand you get what you pay for.  They want top quality service from someone they know, like and trust and price is not their ultimate deciding factor.


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