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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question:

How to Double Your Aesthetic Revenues Next Month

Dear Catherine,

My staff wants me to run special promotions to attract new patients to the
practice. I know my competitors are using them but don’t they cheapen our
brand? And, aren’t I giving money away?

Do special promotions really work?

Dr. P

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. P,

This is a great question so thanks for asking. Special Promotions are ubiquitous
in our aesthetic industry due to heavy competition and the sheer saturation of
marketing messages coming at your cosmetic patients from all directions.

Because there is so much noise out there, it’s a big deal for a prospective
cosmetic patient who is thinking about rejuvenation to stop long enough
to see you, hear your message and respond to it by contacting you.
Then they have to show up and say yes to you.

It is no easy task to make all of that happen. The promotion is used as a
“Call to Action” to:

How to Double Your Aesthetic Revenues Next Month

#1) Get the viewer to respond rather than ignore your message

#2) Help you track your results so you know it was/wasn’t worth it

I have tested many “Call to Action” strategies throughout my 15 years and here’s
what I have seen works to double your revenues in a month:

The trick is to go around the noise rather than compete with it. What I mean is
rather than throw a message out into the World to see if anybody
stops – Reads– acts on it, you be strategic.

Instead, you send a very specific message to a very specific group of the most
likely group of potential cosmetic patients who would be interested in that
particular message AND you use a media channel THIS group most likely uses
to get information.

How to Double Your Aesthetic Revenues Next MonthThe reason this works better is because you have risen above
the noise and Endless barrage of messages and you honed in.
In this case, less REALLY IS more. You will spend less money
but get a much better result because you went for Quality
rather than quantity.

To see examples of what Calls to Action work and don’t work,
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complicated strategies.

I will lay out the strategies, along with samples and results so you KNOW what
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How to Double Your Aesthetic Revenues Next Month

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