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It’s important NOT to project your assumptions on your patients and not to spend their money for them.  You never know someone’s financial wherewithal so keep your options open.

An aesthetic patient may have the cash but may not want to use it – especially during uncertain times or they may not have all the cash and need an easy-pay alternative.

If you don’t offer your patients an easy way to pay for your services because the finance company charges you a fee, you are getting 100% of nothing!  The patient is not going to wait until they have the cash.  They will go to your competitor to see if they are willing to help them get what they want now rather than wait. Now you lose not only that patient and the revenues from that procedure but you also lose their future revenues and those of their friends.

When you offer financial alternatives, it can change the mindset of the aesthetic patient.  Because now the patient is thinking HOW to move forward rather than IF they should move forward.

Work with a vendor like CareCredit to put together great patient pay plans that are easy on your wallet as well as your patient’s.


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