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Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your patients.  It’s quick, easy and best of all – cheap.  But beware!  Email marketing is not as easy as it looks.  You not only need really good copy to make it appealing to your audience, you also need technical coding and know-how to get it through today’s company fire walls and SPAM filters.  That means you need permission from your patients to send email and you preferably want their personal email address. You then need to work with someone who specializes in html coding so they can prepare the email to be read by different email services, on different computer processors and in different resolutions.

Even when you do everything right, the average open rate of an email is only 15-20%.  So while email is a great medium, it’s only one way to keep in touch.  Don’t count on it as the only medium to use to communicate with your patients.  You still need hard copy communications to get through to your patients.


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