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Endless Patients Partnership: “Cosmetic Patient Attraction & Conversion System”

Over the years I’ve seen focusing on just ONE thing doesn’t work because, these days, your new patients are living in a multi-channel world.

They are…

  • Checking mail in their mailbox
  • Checking in with their friends on social media
  • Checking their emails
  • Checking Internet search engines

So we are using a multi-prong approach to hit your new prospective patients on multiple channels.

Suddenly you are everywhere.

You become the obvious choice in a crowded marketplace.

To make that happen, I want to partner with you to keep a steady stream of patients coming to you.

We have strategies to increase your bottom line and here’s how we’ll do it:

1) More Leads

I have several strategies working well in today’s world to get you patients calling your office.

For example,

One thing I’ve been testing for years is direct mail and it works better than ever. We’ve sent tens of thousands of pieces out and they generate revenue.

Another is email marketing on steroids. We added many ninja elements to ours to get your patients hungry to learn more about your surgical and MI procedures and it’s all tracked so you know exactly who wants what.

And, since referrals are the foundation of your practice, we implement several strategies that are tracked and measured so you know who your biggest fans are.

2) Fix Your Phones

I’ll personally work with your receptionist on 5 phone fixes to increase their phone conversions so that you get 10% more appointments.

My team will be tracking, monitoring and recording the calls and then meeting with your staff regularly to go over improvements to make so they continue to convert more callers
to appointments.

3) Increase Conversions

I’ll also work with your patient coordinator to give them simple sales strategies and presentation tools to convert 10% more consultations to paid procedures. And we’ll do weekly and monthly consultation and training calls to keep your staff on their “A Game” and YOU updated on your results so you know what is generated by our efforts.

My No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee is simple. If you don’t make at least an extra $25,000 in 90 days, I will promptly return your entire investment.

Monthly fees are regularly $3,997 but the Webinar Special is Only $2,997 and includes everything: technology, design, print, postage, labor and all other costs associated with the execution of the above strategies.

We look forward to working with you to get you More patients. More Profits. Guaranteed.

Catherine Maley
Catherine Maley, MBA