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The media is scaring your cosmetic patients. All of this doom and gloom about the economy is paralyzing to a majority of your patients who are or could be affected by the dips and turns in the economy.

Don’t buy into it! There is much you can to ensure you float through these choppy waters safely and profitably.

I’ve put together a timely audio and visual presentation, with me personally narrating, entitled:

What You Can Do to Ensure a Successful Year

It’s full of simple strategies to keep your phones ringing, your patients buying and referrals coming to you.

The point is to first check your mindset. Are you buying into this pessimism? If you are, you are not going to be open to opportunities and possibilities so fix that first.

The next step is to do something. I know your first instinct is to lay low for now but that’s the worst strategy. Your aesthetic patients need more compelling reasons to invest in aesthetics so, now more than ever, give them those reasons.

Educate them on little things they can do right now to look fantastic. Motivate them to act now with a special offer and a tight expiration date. Encourage them to refer their friends so; they too, can look fabulous.

Those who strategically act now will conquer. Those who sit back and do nothing will perish.

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Thank You, and I encourage you to leave any comments or questions below.

Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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