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You are going to discover who is most likely to become your “preferred” patients
and where they can be found, where the fastest cash surges are and how you get
new cash-paying patients quickly and without breaking the bank.

But first, a mind shift is needed. Most surgeons are focusing on one thing and that
is new patient leads.

Instead, I am asking you to shift your focus to more paid procedures instead.

Because more procedures are what bring in your revenues regardless of where
they came from, right?

This might surprise you but rather then focus on the latest ninja Internet tactic,
I’m talking about working with your existing patient base and internal strategies.

Because you’re literally sitting on a goldmine this very moment, right inside your
patient files. The fastest and straightest path to developing massive practice
growth is to consistently nurture your past and current patients.

The fact is, your patients trust you, they have faith in your abilities, and they like
you. It makes a whole lot of sense to proactively market to your existing patients.
You’re going to quickly find this to be one of your easiest sources of new profits
using the strategies I lay out.

This means we are not talking about the fastest path to new leads from the
Internet. Why? Because Internet Stranger Patients don’t know you and the
majority of them will never turn into revenues for you.

They may never show up or convert because they were price shopping or just
looking around or their phone call with your receptionist didn’t go well or they
didn’t connect with your coordinator and on and on.

Now before you write this off, I just want you to think about how much time and
how much money you’ve spent building goodwill and trust by servicing your
patient base. I guarantee that it’s in hundreds of thousands of dollars and
countless hours.

However, you most likely put all your effort and budget on new leads rather than
on those who are most likely to say yes to you again and give you money again
and refer their friends and that’s what this post is all about.

Your lowest-hanging fruit has always been and will always be with those who
already know, like and trust you.

You know that because they said yes to you and gave you money. And they will
give you more money if you nurture the relationship. Think about it…They chose
you over your competitors. They trusted you to become their surgeon. And they
have friends, family and colleagues who could ALSO know, like and trust you.

Don’t believe it? Pull a report from your software called “Revenues by Referral
Source” and see for yourself. Count up all revenues coming from word of mouth,
friends and family, patient referrals, staff referrals, physician referrals and existing

Keep in mind, these are not leads that inquired about your services and never moved
forward. These are actual cash-paying patients who gave you money.

The most successful mature practices get at least 65% of their revenues from current
patients coming back for more as well as their word-of-mouth referrals of new

By the way, these current patients and their referrals are easier to convert than
“Internet Stranger Patients” because:

  • They are already pre-sold on you because you came pre-framed as the best choice
    from someone they trust.
  • They are not as price sensitive because they value your credibility from a trusted
    resource more than price.
  • They are less likely to shop around and more likely to convert to a paid procedure
    and that saves you and your staff time.

And all of this leads to cheaper marketing and advertising costs.

Internet Leads Come From Referrals

By the way, here’s what I find when consulting with other successful practices.

The new callers to their practice often say they found you on the Internet.
However, when the patient is more comfortable with you and your staff, their
story unfolds about how they really know about you.

They oftentimes were told about you from a friend or heard about you and THEN
they went to the Internet to check you out.

So here are simple strategies to help your patients help you grow your practice

In-House Signage

Clearly communicate to your patients how much you appreciate their referrals.
Have an eye-catching display at your check out counter.Include take-a-way cards so your patients pop a few cards in their wallet to pass along to their friends later.

You can be even more direct by including a couple of referral cards along with their receipt for the day.

As an added touch, your staff can wear lapel pins to help spread the word that you love referrals!

The point being you can’t assume your patients know to refer their friends to you…tell them directly!

Patient Appreciation Event

 Hold a fun annual event for your patients and their friends. Serve wine and food, have vendors on hand to do mini demonstrations and you can give short presentations about what’s new in the world of cosmetic rejuvenation.

You raffle off valuable vendor gift baskets and your patients get extra raffle tickets for each friend they bring along.

Have a social media corner where they can post photos and spread the word
about you to their Internet friends.

Patient Advisory Board

Successful companies have a Board of Directors that guides them with strategies
to grow. You can do the same with your own Patient Advisory Board.

Invite 25 of your favorite patients to be on your new Board. These patients visit
you often, have connections in the community and are loyal fans. Have them
bring a friend who is not yet a patient of your practice.

Hold a Board meeting at a nice restaurant with a quiet room. Serve cocktails and
a nice dinner and present a short talk on your services while showing lots of
before/after photos.

Now open it up to your attendees with a question they can brainstorm such as:

“How can I grow my practice with more patients just like you?”

Have your staff write down all ideas that come out of this session so they can
follow up after the event.

Additionally, give $100 gift cards to their friends to experience your practice and
report back to you on how the patient experience can be improved upon.

Not only will this solidify your current patients’ loyalty, you will grow your
practice with the 25 new patients they brought to you.

That’s how you grow your practice easily, quickly and cost effectively.


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Let’s say you want to hold your own patient event so you watch the module, “How to Hold a
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with the copy and graphics to design your own
invitation or …..

Let’s say you already do a good job with referrals; however, your staff needs help following up on the consults that DID NOT
convert so you simply have them watch the “How to Follow Up After the Consult to Convert” and you get the exact words to say to the patient to get them to a yes.

This resource will be with you forever and is great for team building and saving
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