Are Fickle Aesthetic Patients Driving You Crazy?

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No shows? Looky-Loos? Price Shoppers?  What’s happened to aesthetic patients?

Boy, have times changed. Aesthetic patients today are looking around, shopping around, hanging around and not saying YES like they used to. Why?

A big reason is because the supply and demand has changed dramatically.  Years ago, you had one or two choices; now you have hundreds.  That means the patients are in the driver seat because they have a plethora of suppliers to choose from.

So, what are you to do?  The fastest, easiest and cheapest thing for you to fight this “fickle patient syndrome” do is to KEEP the patients who somehow found their way to you.  Treat them well by staying on time, being nice to them and giving them a good result.

Do NOT let these valuable patients wander off to your competitor because then you’ll need to spend even more time, money and effort trying to attract another one.


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