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I have watched so much money walk out the door because the physician will not offer affordable patient financing because “it’s too expensive”.  I’m flabbergasted because what’s so much more expensive is to tell that patient to go save up for what they want and come back when they can afford it.  That patient will simply move on to the next practice that actually helps them get what they want now rather than wait.  The first practice not only loses that patient but they also lose that patient’s friends and family.

Help your patient get what they want now.  Many patients today have the money but don’t want to spend it or they really do need help paying for it.  It’s a small price to pay for the physician to keep that patient in their practice.  It’s also a great closing question.  Rather than ask the patient if they have decided, ask a better question to get a better answer such as “Sara, did you want to use our affordable patient option of $200 per month or use your own credit card?”


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