Where Can You Find the Right Cosmetic Surgery Practice Team Players?

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Good candidates are everywhere good service is provided.  Think outside the box.  Look for new cosmetic surgery practice team members at a high-end restaurant you dine at, 5-star hotels in your area, at your exclusive hair salon, high-end retail boutiques, the department store cosmetic counter or anywhere else quality services and products are sold.

Talk with the well-groomed, well-trained staff that understand the importance of awesome customer service and find out if they are interested in making a change.  They’ve already demonstrated they know how to treat customers so they are most likely going to treat your aesthetic patients with the same quality service.

One more place to find exceptional staff is with your own happy patients. They chose you over all the others so they like and trust you and can explain that to new prospective patients and they are your walking/talking testimonials who can show your work off and that’s golden!


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