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We offer a mystery-shopping service for our clients.  That means we call their office many times asking various questions about their services and then we critique them to determine how the calls could have been handled better.

Boy, do we get an earful!  Many of these calls go so poorly that when I report back to the doctor my findings, they almost don’t believe what I am telling them we heard.  They are sure I’m exaggerated so, we now tape these calls.

I continue to be amazed at how much physicians complain to me their business is down, their schedule has holes in it and their marketing doesn’t work when I know their issue is “bad phones”.  Nothing else you do means anything if the patient can’t get through, is put on hold or is handled in a curt way.  Almost as bad is a nice person answering the phone but having no idea how to answer questions and not having enough sense to admit it, get the caller’s name and promise to have a more knowledgeable staff person call them back with the answers to their questions within the hour.

The average practice loses more than ½ million dollars per year on bad phone techniques.  Please get your front office staff trained properly on how to answer the phone, bond with the caller, answer their questions and book the appointment.  It could make the difference between thriving and surviving this year.


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