Fix Your Follow Up and Do More Cosmetic Surgery

How to Fix Your Follow Up:

How frustrating is it to spend a ton of money, staff time, and resources on internet marketing for new cosmetic patient leads only to have those very leads come in as prospective patients and leave as prospective patients….STILL.

You can’t afford to waste any more time or money on marketing if you are not converting these leads….

It’s too competitive, it’s too crowded and it’s too expensive NOT to do everything within your control to convert these Internet leads into paid procedures.

Recent cosmetic practice stats show:

That’s a great opportunity for you to dominate and beat your competitors!

When you have a proven Fix Your Follow Up solution with scripts, systems, and protocol, it’s easy to follow up because you are prepared and know what to do.

  • No more hesitation.
  • No more stammering over your words.
  • No more lost revenues.

What would you do with an extra $672,000 per year?

If you convert just 15% more of your incoming leads, that adds up:

Let’s say you conduct 80 consults per month and 40% convert but 48 of those do NOT.

Using the Fix Your Follow Up system, 15% of the 48 convert, and that equals an extra 7 surgeries. If a surgery on average is worth $8K, we’re talking an extra $672K gained revenues per year! That’s pretty exciting, right?

Convert 15% More Consults to Booked Surgery...

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

See what other surgeons say about working with me:

plastic surgery consultants

“Our close ratio went from 35% to 80%. We would recommend her to any practice that’s looking to not only increase their profits today but sustain a healthy flow of income for many years to come. Thanks, Catherine!”                 

Sam Assassa

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

"Our consult conversions were running at 40-50%. Then we attended Catherine’s online training and implemented her strategies. They immediately increased conversion rates to 75-80%."

Anthony Corrado

Corrado Facial Plastic Surgery

The Fix Your Follow Up system turns following up on leads from a TIME-WASTER to a MONEY-MAKER. Here’s what you get:

This is a time-sensitive offer because I want you to get results so you no longer live in frustration of poor quality leads and wasted hours in consults that don’t book.


Regularly $997
Limited time offer only $297

This offer is too good to last so you only have 24 hours to take advantage of my expertise. After that, it goes back to my regular fees of $997.

What happens if you don’t do this:

  • Continue to lose money for no good reason
  • Lead conversions will continue to get worse
  • Staff will grow disillusioned and lose their motivation
Staff execution

The most successful cosmetic practices have systems in place to follow up quickly, strategically and consistently. They spent a lot of time, money, and effort attracting prospective patients so they do all they can to see it through to a YES.

These fix your follow up strategies “pave the way” for your staff to do all they can to confidently convert these valuable consultations.