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Have you pulled back on your promotional efforts?

Or, do you see this as an opportunity to invest in your practice?

A great example of someone who understands opportunity is Warren Buffet who is buying up bargains like crazy right now because others have stepped away from the table out of fear.

The secret is to go where the money is. That means if you are even breaking even with any of your promotional efforts – keep doing them! Keep current patients coming in and attract new patients now.  This is the perfect time to gain market share since your competitors are standing on the sidelines and ignoring their patients.  Go get ‘em!

Those who conquer tough times are the ones who get into motion and do something. This is critical because money is attracted to movement and speed. It’s not attracted to those who are scared and standing still.

Get in the game…winners embrace these challenges and do what it takes to not only weather the storm but flourish in it.

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Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice
and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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