How Do You Follow Up After the Patient Consultation?

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You may be under the belief that once a prospective patient leaves your office without booking the procedure you and your office just spent an hour talking about, all is lost.  You may be assuming they weren’t interested or they got sticker shock or they just chickened out.  Not necessarily….

Patients today can be fickle consumers who shop around.  There is a very good chance they visited you as well as several of your competitors so they feel as if they can make an educated decision based on comparison shopping.

Let’s say you did everything right and now you are stuck because you don’t know how or even if you should follow up for fear of looking as if you are chasing the patient.  Fear not!  Use these tactics to follow up professionally and close the procedure:

  • Send a handwritten note to the prospective patient immediately.  Express how much you and your staff enjoyed meeting them and that “Sara” will be following up on Friday if you don’t hear back sooner;
  • Now be sure Sara calls back on Friday to check in to see what additional questions they may have and then attempts to close the procedure;
  • Have your patient coordinator call the patient with an important development that just came up;  i.e., CareCredit is offering a new 0% financing program or there’s been a cancellation so if they can book now, they can save $500 or whatever.
  • Lastly, mail/email them a current article you just found on the Internet talking about the very procedure they are interested in and, again, ask for a decision

And, if none of that works, simply add them to your database so they can receive your invitations, newsletters and email blasts because you just never know when they are ready for you.


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