Important Message from Catherine,

I can’t believe how many cosmetic practices still believe discounting is the way to attract new cosmetic patients.

The truth is that’s the WORST way to grow revenues.

I know, I know, everybody thinks that special offers are the best way to build a patient base and increase revenues.

But the cosmetic practices we work with grow their revenues by following a much newer, far simpler approach … And they’re doing it
while charging more.

They are adding thousands to their bottom line, while working less, and without costly promotions that just burn a hole in their pocket.

Interested in EXACTLY how they do this? I’m revealing all on my brand new, 100% free online workshop.

Here is what we cover:

     – 5 shifts cosmetic practices use to 10X their revenues WITHOUT discounting, promotions, or endless social media posting.

     – Why premium pricing is the secret to getting even better results for your patients than you are now.

     – How this one simple plan increases cosmetic patient visits while decreasing overhead expenses.

     – Why redesigning your website, endless content marketing and magazine ads are the WORST way to attract new patients…
       and what you can do to create immediate momentum today.

     – How to do all of this while enjoying a fulfilling livelihood, developing lasting relationships with your patients, and enjoying the pride
        that comes with transforming the lives of others.

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More cosmetic patients without discounting

Just a heads up – I rotate these webinars frequently, so you’ll need to act fast.

Remember, if you struggle with new patient attraction despite having tried expensive advertising …

If you love the idea of more patients without discounting …

And if you dream of a life where you no longer worry about covering your overhead …
This training is a MUST-WATCH.

Because we dive into all this and more, so ultimately, you can achieve a profitable pipeline of cosmetic patients.

See you soon!

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P.S. Like I said, this Webinar is only available for a limited time and the clock’s ticking.