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There’s a nasty rumor going around that email is dead.
My response to that is, “ONLY if you do it wrong!”

I can prove it to you.

A plastic surgeon called telling me about dwindling calls
into his office and asked what I could do to WAKE UP his
phones and get his staff busy and get him back into the
Operating Room.

That’s simple, I said. Let’s do a fast and easy test to reach
out to your current patients and we’ll know within days
how they react to you, feel about you and respond to you.

So, within 1 month we sent out different types of
Email messages. Here’s what happened:

One was for a simple treatment his aesthetician could
perform so she generated $2,475 WITHOUT the surgeon
being involved and he liked that.

Another was for minimally-invasive treatments that generated
a quick $4,225 and he REALLY liked that.

And, another was for a specific surgical procedure that led to
$14,600 in booked surgeries and he LOVED that.

What Kind of Email Works?

Can you imagine if you had a friend who tried to sell
you on, let’s say, insurance, every time you met?
You would be put off, right?

Well, what if, instead, you saw your friend and he was talking
about his neighbor who had a fire in his basement that led
throughout the house, to the roof, through his yard and even
demolished his car?

But then he mentioned the guy was fully insured for such a
bizarre accident so his friend ended up building a brand new
home bigger and better than before and it didn’t cost him an
extra dime. He then offered you a free report to see if you were
insured or vulnerable to loss.

Which would you respond better to? Of course, the latter
because he wasn’t pushing you. He was just letting you know
what’s available…just in case you were interested.

Well, that’s what good email marketing does. It simply gets
your patients thinking about aesthetic rejuvenation in an easy,
fun and informative way and encourages them to call you to
learn more.

Email Tips to Take Your Ho-Hum Emails to Awesome!

Watch your own email response grow overnight. Use these
following tips to get your phones humming with patients who
want to connect/reconnect with you:

Tip #1:
Because your patients use all sorts of different technology
and software programs, send your emails as text and html. That
way, even though they may not be able to view your graphics,
they will at least be able to view your message.

Tip #2:
Talk like a real person talking to a real person! Do your emails
Sound like a brochure? You’ll get a much better response when
you talk to your patient in email the same as you would in person.
That means talk to ONE patient at a time – NOT an entire group.

Tip #3:
Be timely. Enter the conversation the patient is already having
in their head. When you send an email in December, mention the
Holidays. When you send an email in February, mention
Valentine’s Day. When you send an email in May, mention
Mother’s Day and so on.

Let me know how this works out for you.

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