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How to Get a Handle on Social MediaAsk Catherine:

Dear Catherine,

A majority of my staff are under 30 and they were constantly on their cell phones and work computers “connecting” on social media and it was driving me nuts. It was distracting them from focusing on the practice and the patients so I banned usage of cell phones during the workday.

Then I attended a conference with my office manager and they strongly recommended using social media to attract new patients. So now we need to revisit this “no-cell” policy but it can’t be without limits or we’ll never get any work done.

How do we incorporate social media into our cosmetic practice without it taking over our time and focus?

Dr. A

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. A,

Thank you for your question. Social media certainly has our attention, doesn’t it?

It’s a paradox really: You want to connect to attract new cosmetic patients, yet what is that costing you in time, money and effort when your focus goes there rather than on what’s right in front of you? Yikes!

You know it’s important to your overall online reputation and credibility, yet you’re not clear about the results you’re getting from it, right?

And I’m sure you’ve asked yourself:

– How do you monetize social media?How to Get a Handle on Social Media
– What do you post?
– Is it REALLY worth my or my staff’s time?

This is a big topic that can boggle the mind because there are thousands of social media platforms to choose from.

And you have to know the nuances and rules for each of those platforms to get the most out of your efforts. So now, you have to be comfortable with technology.

Even if you figure all of that out, these prospective patients need to FIRST notice your social media content, then click on it to consume it and then act on it by calling you or emailing you or leaving you comments.

That’s asking a lot so to help simplify this perplexing topic, here are 3 suggestions to help you get a handle on social media to grow your cosmetic practice:

What’s Your Social Media Objective?

First determine WHY you’re using social media. Is it:

Lead generation?
SEO Rankings?

Here’s something to know…Social media is social and fun and NOT the place to try to sell something UNLESS you “pay to play” and set up ad campaigns.

Just be sure you monitor them carefully and put a budget cap on your ads to test them. If you get any kind of action, continue to run the ad. If you get no traction, tweak the ad or drop it.

Otherwise, your objective on social media is to engage with the community of prospective cosmetic patients in a social way so they follow you, click on your content and respond to you.

Then, hopefully, they feel comfortable enough to reach out to you when they’re ready for cosmetic rejuvenation.

Focus on Less to Get More

You will run out of time, money and interest trying to be everywhere would-be cosmetic patients are, in hopes of turning them into cash-paying patients.

So rather than try to take over the social media world, focus on the top 1-2 social media platforms that work for OUR INDUSTRY.How to Get a Handle on Social Media

If you are a typical plastic surgery practice offering face and body procedures, your best bet is Facebook. It wins in sheer volume of prospective patients using it and the majority of users are in the higher-income bracket than other social media platforms.

So facebook is, by far, where your best prospective patients are hanging out.

After facebook, the rest of the social media sites pale in comparison; however, I would focus on Instagram since photos are everything in our industry. They are the tangible proof prospective patients need to choose you over your competitors.

And, Before/after Photos will always be the best social proof to show off your excellent surgical skills so use them in your content….a lot.

Schedule It!

Consistency is the key to social media and there’s nothing easy about adding fresh new content REGULARLY AND CONSISTENTLY to keep prospective cosmetic patients engaged with you.

Uploading content must become protocol in your practice, just like the protocol you set up for surgery.

You block the time to research and write content and keep a social media calendar to include holidays and special dates that can be incorporated into your content.

This will keep you current and your followers interacting with you.

So, what should you post?

Check out this Free 24-minute video I made for my private clients that I am now sharing with you to learn:

– what to post
– shortcuts to save you time
– trusted resources to help you

Watch it for free Now:

Get handle on social media

BTW, to help keep your staff on their game during normal working hours, I recommend assigning one staff member as your “Practice Ambassador”. They are responsible for setting up a social media content calendar and interacting with the public.

You can even give them a practice cell phone they use solely for social media for the practice. This can cut down on their time spent and keeps them focused on YOUR practice.

Have you developed a social media process?
Are you seeing results from it?

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