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Prospective plastic surgery patients are drowning in information and that’s
not good because it leads to “analysis paralysis”.

They are overwhelmed so they decide to do nothing. Also not good if you
want to help them.

So, make it easy for the patient to find you, see you as the expert and
choose YOU over all others.

But how do you get these patients to choose you?

While there are many strategies to get you new patients, here are three
you can execute right away….

Target One Procedure

 What’s your favorite procedure? The one you could all day if you had to?

Start there because it takes time, money and effort to attract new patients
so you might as well attract your favorites.

Now you might be saying but I don’t have a favorite – I just want to do
surgery but here’s the thing…

In the marketing world, rather than being seen as the “jack of all trades”,
you attract more prospective patients when they see you as the expert on
this one procedure.

Once you have their attention and give them what they want, you can
always promote more of your other services because now they trust you
as an excellent surgeon.

Educate Prospective Patients on That Procedure

Prospective patients who want to make a change to their appearance head
to the Internet to learn more. So you need to be there with your own unique
educational tools explaining that procedure in your own words.

This is where your time is involved. New Patients want to hear it from you so
that means:

  • You write a blog about that procedure
  • You create a checklist for who’s a good candidate
  • You do a Q&A video addressing common concerns
  • You write a report or book with FAQs

Package It So Patients Can’t Say No

In this competitive arena of cosmetic rejuvenation, the last thing you want
or need
is patients price-shopping you with your competitors.

That’s why you are focusing on one procedure that turns you into an expert
so patients see your value over price.

Another strategy to stop the price-shopping is to offer something different
your competitors.

For example, design a very specific “Signature Procedure Package” at a
combination price. That way, the patients can’t pull it apart and price-shop
it because it won’t be
apples to apples.

Here’s an example of a Mommy Makeover Package that includes Botox,
microneedling, scar gel cream and more:


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