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First the Good News:  roughly 3/4ths of wealthy Americans use search engines when shopping for luxury goods and services (so I’m not talking specifically to searching for aesthetic enhancement but the point still applies).  Google dominated the searches with 77%.

Now for the bad news:  Shopping on search engines has led to comparison shopping, even for affluent Americans who did not typically shop by price and comparison.

That means the ease of on-line search and research is re-training consumers who didn’t used to buy by price to now consider it.  That’s why your staff often says “they are all price shoppers” about the callers because they are  sitting in front of their computer researching different practices on a particular procedure.  The next logical step is for them to call and ask about price because you didn’t give them anything else to consider.

That’s reality and you need to deal with it. Go to your website home page right now and be sure the following are covered:

  • you must be different than everyone else
  • have better bragging rights than your competitors
  • be more niched so the visitor says, “That’s me!”
  • your copy must be patient-focused on their emotional wants and NOT all about you or what you want.
  • you must position yourself as something in the prospective patient’s mind:  the cheapest (bad), the most procedure X performed in the area, the only practice with this technology within a 60-mile radius or  reassuringly expensive with the ultimate “take care of you” package including private recovery suite with private nurse, etc.

The take-a-way here is if you do not give your patients parameters they should consider when choosing an aesthetic physician, they will fall back on the only one they know – price!


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