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A Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign can cost you thousands of dollars without attracting one new patient to you – yikes!  Since you only have 15 words to work with, you must be strategic and consider your audience and what they want.

Before you spend another dime, look up your PPC ad and be sure it contains (or doesn’t contain) the following:

Do NOT waste the first line on your name. Instead, replace it with a compelling headline instead such as:  Weekend Facelift or Look Younger Without Surgery or No Downtime Liposuction.

For the second line, use emotion and benefits the patient is after such as, “Free Report:  What You Should You About X Procedure” or “Lose Your Wrinkles and Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery”

Now add your URL so they click on it to learn more.  I promise you will get more click-throughs when you give your prospective patients something interesting to click on.


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